Last game before Christmas season 3 winners crowned



Tonight saw the final weigh in before Christmas with expected mixed scale results.

Recognition shout outs from captains for:
Paul strode of salad dodgers achieving 5% weight loss tonight
David Cartwright of largentina achieving his 5% weight loss tonight
Pete Christiano Rhodes for a really positive football performance tonight along with some consistent weight loss over season
Sean Matthews for great weight loss for the left overs
A team shout out to Aston vanilla players from the captain for sticking together through the ups and downs of the journey and completing a great season with mention to mike for having a shot on target.
Fifty shades great weight loss by Philip Atkinson Walker tonight.

Well done to kebaberdeen for another scales and pitch victory they take the scales league title
Well done to Aston vanilla who take the overall pitch and weight loss league on goal difference from largentina both finishing on 14 points.kebaberdeen pushing them close on 13 points.
Some interesting stats with Aston vanilla scoring the most weight loss goals on 78 an average of 7.8 per game
Kebaberdeen scoring 73 weight loss goals average of 7.3 per game

283kg weight loss season to date
Aston vanilla 61kg
Fifty shades of fat 21.2kg
Kebaberdeen 64.2kg
Largentina 26.7kg
Salad dodgers 32.1kg
The leftovers 52.5 kg

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Paul Slaney 1.4kg weight loss
2/Lee fellows 1.5kg weight loss
3/Matthew round 1.6kg weight loss
4/james Storor 1.8kg weight loss
5/Rhys Winston 1.8kg weight loss
6/Philip Atkinson Walker 2kg weight loss

Well done all👏
Well done to David Cartwright Paul strode
For achieving 5% weight loss tonight :clap:

Weightloss team of the season in reverse order
1/Jaydon Hadley 9kg weight loss👏
2/Sean Derrington 9.5kg weight loss👏
3/Marios hadjianastasis 10.6kg weight loss👏
4/Matthew carder 11kg weight loss :clap:
5/Craig Farney 12.6kg weight loss👏
6/Marvin Gregory 17.2 kg weight loss :clap:

2 week break now with next weigh in Monday 7th January wishing you all a good Christmas.


Well done everyone


Well done all a great league so close went up to the last week and even then to his differences. Amazing games all season. And some great weight losses also. After my injury game to be back on the weight loss myself :+1:t2: Finally won a league :trophy: wow :open_mouth:. Merry Xmas and happy new year to all


Great season, enjoy the festive break all :+1::+1:


Well done everybody, great season. :clap::clap::clap: