Last two places for next MVFIA group


Just starting off another MVFIA group - shout if you want the final two places!

What’s it about - accountability and support for your aims.


@Jabba1 get in there anywhere?


He didn’t put his name down and it seems a bit early in my megalomania to enforce conscription. The Waiting List thread is open and waiting for names though.


Got in by a nose. Thanks, Jason (& admin!).


Glad to have you along @Jabba! You still won’t beat the MVFIA Will group, but it will be good anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please :flushed:


Hi admin
This is the last day for BULGE and I would like to join a new group as soon as possible.


Can I join a group please?


No worries - you’ll need to put your name down on the main MVFIA group please!


Add me to this group please.


Hi there can you add to next available group thanks. Lloyd


Lloyd_Nolan I’m on for the next group. B


Hey there - if you want to join a MVFIA group then please sign up on the normal thread: