League game 1 west Brom

Week 1 league night over in west Brom league at our temporary home of portway leisure centre.
75kg of weight loss on night one well done all.

A big welcome to the league to
Michael brown returning from injury
Rikki Danton joining the league tonight
Stephen Baxter first game tonight with us
Kieran Harper rejoining after a break used to play oldbury league
Chris McDougall new to the league
Declan kings double leaguing
Paul mills back after a break

3 very close pitch games tonight all with only 1-2 goals in them.

FC Twente and pie in the sky with a scales draw and got decided on the pitch.

As we get more and more into the season the scales will decide games each week as we hit hatrick weeks and % Targets.

Team of the week this week with some good losses
1/ Sean derrington 5kg Loss captain leading the way And on it across two leagues
2/Jaydon Hadley 5kg Loss and pushing in two leagues
3/ Stephen white a 5kg loss
4/Rob Carr 3.7kg loss
5/Kirk Dyas 3.6kg loss
6/ Simon Morley 3.5kg loss unable to play but came and contributed to team
7/Adam Tallack 3.4kg loss captain leading the way
7/ Ronnie Harris 3.4kg loss

Weight loss by team
FC thin it to win it 19.5kg loss
FC Twente Stone 5kg loss
Pie in the sky blues 16.2kg loss
Psv 12.7kg loss
Quakers 12.9kg loss
Varsity 8.9kg loss

A challenge for this week remove reduce replace please see below the challenge detail and my version.
Please have a go.
Turn that goal into reality with a plan