League night week 1 telford League

After a couple of friendly weeks we are up and running with our first weeks league games.

Welcome to the league to all new players which include Rob Maythorne, Michael Dudley, James Stuart and James Sambrook

Mixed up teams, opportunity for fresh ideas, fresh support groups to be created and the fun bit of new tops and new team names.

Some great names being spoken about in the chats and I await for the decisions on some of the names which will play alongside FC Bayern BRU and olympique mayonnaise.

Some of the discussions tonight centered around preparation and planning for the week ahead, around trying to control the build up and after of a higher calorie meal or evening and snacking habits.

Weight loss pairs were introduced over the last few days as part of a pairs game but we will run this as a league table side competition and each week highlight the top 7 pairs in the table. If you don’t know your pair yet let me know.

7.5kg combined Andy and Tom Yellow team
7.1kg combined Ben and Mike red team
4.1kg combined Stephen and Rich blue team
3.8kg combined Liam and Craig yellow
2.7kg combined Dougie and Mark blue
2.6kg combined Ben and Ryan Green
2.5 kg combined Andy and Rich black team

The idea is building those support networks up and who knows you might find a new hobby to mix the exercise up or a new healthy meal to impress the other half.

Good work on the tracking for those who completed the challenge for this week is to try to score your exercise with Rate of perceived Exertion. In order to help drive the completion of books as was only 1 in 5 players completing I will be rewarding 3 goals if all your team track and specifically score your exercise.

At end of week 1 we have 42.6kg loss on the scales.
Weight loss by team
Black team 5.3kg
FC Bayern bru - green 3.1kg
Orange team - 2.7kg
Yellow team - 14kg
L’argentina - blue 8.8kg loss and the only team with 100% losses on available players :+1:
Olympique mayonnaise - red 8.7kg loss

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Mike Bowness 5kg loss
  2. Andrew Kelly 4kg loss
  3. Max Wharton Jenkins 4kg loss
  4. Tom Sarjant 3.5kg loss
  5. Liam Pritchard 2.8kg loss
  6. Stephen Wright 2.6kg loss