Leamington Spa Warwick


Players wanted to start league


Dunc, i’ll give a few handouts to occupational health to help promote this league as i work at JLR in Gaydon, have you a potential start date yet?


Yea thanks Kevin . If we can generate interest then this prospective league could be a reality . I’ve joined Coventry league until this is up and runnning . The admin guy said the more we do as players, the quicker this league will get off the ground . I’ve suggested Leam brakes home ground as a venue as i think it’s got a floodlit all weather training pitch next to the main ground I think,??? and JLR as a potential sponsor for the league, and given them an email of a guy there. Any help from the inside would be great . But I think the league has to have a certain amount of players signed up before MvF approach outside support . Appreciate you helping Kevin cheers


i think the tipping point is 20 when MvF up the ante and start looking for support etc. i


30 people, but yeah that is the case.


What are the numbers of interest / signed up at the moment for Leamington Spa league please ???


We still need a considerable amount of sign ups to even be close to getting it off the ground.


when i get some more leaflets i’ll spread the word around my mates in JLR to help boost numbers.


Email football@manvfat.com


all sorted and they should be in the post soon,


box of new style leaflets arrived at the weekend and some have already been taken from colleagues in the office, sadly occupational health havent been back in touch with me for some more literature to help promote the league and health benefits. but onwards and upwards


good news occupational health have just been in touch for some posters and fliers for the on site Healthy Hearts event they are having this month, so fingers crossed this will boost numbers for the league


I know this is a old thread but have just signed up for Leamington… any way to get this moving again?


Still only 10 registered so far to this league. Good place to start is here:


I signed up a couple of months ago but just wanted to check I was actual registered for Leamington any idea how how can I check this


Hi Peter,
I can confirm you are on the list for Leamington Spa :slight_smile:


Hi all, signed up for this league in the summer (at least I think I have - how can I check?). Admittedly haven’t done anything to promote it but had hoped it would have started by now. Is there a way to track how close we are?