Leeds League 27/02


Morning all,

signed up to Leeds league via facebook, have messaged but no response, what do I need to do now? Just turn up tomorrow?

Thanks all, looking forward to getting some fitness back doing what I love.



When you say you signed up via Facebook, does that mean you used the link on the page, set up a direct debit, etc or did you just post on the Facebook thread?

Assuming the first, not the second, you should get contacted by a coach as the next step and allocated into a team, etc.


Sorry, yes, saw the ad on facebook, followed the link, paid my sign up fee and had email confirmation regarding the payment.

But haven’t heard anything since, would like to get on it asap as I miss playing.




You should get contact from Charlie at the Leeds League. He should give you the details and get you assigned to a team, last I understood there was a waiting list now


Just found an email from him that had gone to spam.

Hou you are right there is a waiting list, bit gutted tbh.


I think they were looking into the people who haven’t been there for 2 weeks and the no shows. You might get lucky