Leeds League



Signed up for the Leeds League, noticed there’s no stats on the leaderboard so i’m guessing it’s pretty new.
Anyone else signed up?


Ah, looks like we need 20 people to start the league? Is there any way of seeing how many have signed up so far?


Unfortunately we do not have the facility for people to see how many but I think we still need a quite a few interested parties.

The main thing is the more that register - the quicker it will get up and running - so if you have any friends or colleagues who may be interested - refer them over! If you do it from the league homepage you can give your friends 50% off MAN v FAT Football Registration and get £5 credit at the MAN v FAT Shop!

In the mean time check out our new members post here:

Good Luck!


Must be getting close now. Myself and 5 lads from the Bradford mvff league just joined ')


If anyone wants a game on a Tuesday night at John Charles, give me a shout we play at 8 pm every week, have a whatsapp group set up i can add you to


How many people are we up to now. Just signed up and seen a post from 2017, surely more people have signed up since then


The Leeds league organisation and set up is currently in progress so hopefully more details should be released very soon.


First post on the forums, as I’ve just signed up for the Leeds league. Looking forward to giving it a go in due course.


Hi I have just signed up for the Leeds league too so hopefully there is nearly enough players now to get going! I have noticed the league mentions a game at the end of this month so hopefully it starts then!


Registration is on 30th January, first games are a week later.


Hi , I’ve just signed up and was wondering where the registration is for the league , and is there going to be enough players for a game ?


Signed up! Nervous but excited.


Just signed up, apparently there’s over 50 players registered for the Leeds league, so i’d be hopeful of getting a game!


Where in Leeds is it? And do you know what day? Live in York but may be able to play in leeds


Over at Goals
It’s between 20:00-22:00 on a Wednesday night


Cheers but feel may be too far as can’t drive at the moment and hear public transport not the best


Signed up and hoping to be there Wednesday, do I need to bring anything with me?


Shin pads, the right colour top for your team (have you been assigned one yet?) and that’s it really



An unoffial mvff leeds and bradford group. I share videos etc of games etc in here


Signed up last week not heard anything yet is that normal?