Leeds League



You’ll probably be on the waiting list


Just signed up as I’d heard there was a lack of players, but been placed on the waiting list,. Anyone any idea how long it will take to find a team?


Not sure how long the list is, but we’ve had 4 new players added to our team in the last 3 weeks so I doubt you’ll be waiting too long.


The next league registration night is 15/5 so if you are on the list you will be allocated to a team then


Hi Gents,

As the League Coach for the Leeds league, I just wanted to let everyone know that the new season commences on 22nd May with the registration evening being the 15th May. We have places available on teams so if you sign up, you will be assigned to a team ready for the new season!

The league has been extremely successful, with many of the lads losing up to 13% of their body weight! That’s in just 13 weeks. If interested, sign up and I’ll be in touch. You may also like to visit before signing up which you can book on the league page.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you on registration night for Season 2!


  • Charlie


Never saw the reply lol, I’m on oranges


Hi Charlie,

I just signed up and unfortunately got a waiting list reply. Whats the liklihood of being able to get involved this time?

Or should I look for another league?




Hi Jamie,

There are spaces available currently. I have sent you an email with details.

  • Charlie


Thanks Charlie, top stuff!


Hi Charlie- I just signed up. Is it worth popping along to the registration this evening?