Leicester League



Hi Everybody

I’ve joined the Leicester Glenfield league but struggling to find info on this. Any pointers?






You should hear more soon about this but registration is at the end of the month - see the league page above for more info.

For info all - there are 2 leicester leagues being prepped to start at the end of the month. :slight_smile:
The other one being https://www.manvfatfootball.org/leicester


I have just signed up for the Leicester City league. Looking forward to more info, meeting people and more importantly playing football again. Not played for 8 years, up to 18.5 stone and struggle to put socks on but I’m sure my left foot will still work.


If you click on the “Forums for this league” on the Leicester City page it says it doesn’t exist?

Also I can’t make the registration session. Will this be a problem?


If you can’t make the session because of work then don’t worry, please just arrive at least 30 minutes early for your first game and let your coach know. They will then do these measurements and give you all the information you need at that session. Obviously because you’re missing from registration it means that you won’t be able to score weight loss goals until the week after your first session.


Similar boat here. Looking forward to it. Good see a few people posting now.


Just joined the Leicester city league. I’m 40 in September and would like to have a healthy BMI before my mid life crisis kicks in!




What will be happening on registration night. Do we need to bring kit?


I originally signed up for the Blaby league but had an email saying that one is not happening,so have been put into this league (which I’m perfectly happy with). Registration is Monday 29th is that correct. In fact is all this correct & I’m definitely in this league. Thanks


That’s correct @chezza - good luck for the season!


How long before it starts do we get contacted via WhatsApp?


WhatsApp groups will be assigned at registration.


Just seen on Facebook that teams have been assigned. I am yet to hear anything. Can you give any more info?
Im sure I signed onto the Leicester League…


@sharms - Teams have been allocated (can see your name on it too!) and full details should be given on the registration night so make sure you get down to it on Monday night :slight_smile:


Can somebody confirm times for registration night on Monday please?



Venue: County Hall Astro, Glenfield,Leicester, LE3 8RA
29/01/2018 18:30


Do you know how many people are currently signed up to the Leicester league? Me and my brother have both signed up recently.


Hey Luke - not sure. I’ve just signed-up so here’s hoping we can get this going v soon


May be worth changing to the Hinckley league, Leicester was joined with Coventry and moved to a venue in the middle