Lichfield League Update

Calling All Lichfield and Surrounding Area Players

Hi Guys,

My name is Loz and I have been part of Man V Fat for Two seasons. I have been playing over in the North Solihull League and it has been a fantastic experience. I have lost 16 pounds and feel a lot better for it! However, I have decided that due to the journey time and commitments with work and family, that I just can’t do that commute anymore late on a Wednesday evening.

I have spoken to @Craig_Morris, and he has informed me that as it stands at the moment there are only 7 of us signed up for the Lichfield League, which is just about enough for one team! We need to get the league up to 20 people before they can launch it, in order to hire a coach and give us a good grounding to build it up to 60/80 in time for registration day!

So if you know anyone in Lichfield, Rugeley, Tamworth, Sutton or anywhere else close by who would be interested get them to sign up and we can get this league moving!

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about how the leagues work and share my experiences with you.

@DanLeytham - I notice you are a Lichfield lad from other posts you have made, spread the word!




@LeightonCastle - I notice you are a Lichfield lad from other posts you have made, spread the word!

Im currently in the Derby league, but its a good 30 mins to get there. I’d prefer lichfield or burton. So Please include my name if you want to get this one up and running.

Let know about your proposed change.

Quite happy to stay in the derby league unless a closer one gets up and running.

Rationally thinking, that is probably the right choice. The Derby league (as you’ll know) has just started, so for now it will be the best place for you. Hopefully by the time the Derby league has finished its first season the Lichfield league should be up and running - we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! :slight_smile:

Any update Loz?


Hi @cjrushbrooke
Sadly we are no further forward with the Lichfield league as still have the same amount of people on the waiting list. Until this hits 20 they will not be able to start planning it further.

Hi I have just joined the Lichfield man vs fat will it be mid week as I work 3 shift pattern in the week.

There are plenty of guys on here who work shifts. It is important to make sure that you make sure your team captain knows well in advance that you won’t be able to make the match.

Hi guys, ive just registered and put myself on the waiting list for Lichfield, hopefully doesn’t take too long to set up now but in the mean time im hoping to join a team in the Oldbury league. Just waiting for a response.

Hi all, I’ve just registered for Lichfield - any idea as to how many there are now?

I have just registered for this league as I have only just seen facebook things on these leagues. I stay at my partners every monday and tuesday in Lichfield, do we know how many people are registered? Would there be a specific date that this will be on?

I signed up ages ago for Lichfield. Can someone at Man V Fat tell us where the numbers are please and if we’re just wasting our time or not. Thanks. Mark