Light lunch

This post is for everyone who needs some help with what to chow down on for lunch, this is my go to lunch if I want something light and easy but it fills me up as well.

30g cous cous
15g red onion
15g mixed salad leaf or use whatever salad leaf you prefer
3 cherry tomatoes or use sliced tomato
1 chicken breast
U can use a light drizzle of fat free mayo or salad cream

This lunch is around 500 calories give or take a few :slight_smile:

If you feel it hasn’t filled you up after you’ve eaten it try it again another time but tweak the measurements just don’t take it too far.


Is that 30g of uncooked or cooked couscous?

Can you deliver?


that looks amazing and a really good idea, I will try this and see how it goes, because lunch sometimes is the meal that causes me most problems

Honestly bud it’s really easy but nice and filling I’ve got some other stuff I’ll be sharing so keep an eye out :slight_smile: