Lincoln League Update?


I have just signed up for the Lincoln League. Who else on here has? And does anyone know how many we have at the moment?

Hi Dazza,

I have also just signed up for the Lincoln League, i can’t wait to get cracking and meet you.


Do you think it will go ahead Kieron? Also looking into Doncaster if Lincoln doesn’t happen. Don’t really want to be sitting for 6 months waiting

I really hope so mate, i was looking at Nottingham as well but just hoping Lincoln happens, i will tweet then to see the latest update. Your welcome to contact me anytime

Hello everyone,

Lincoln is currently on 11 players registered to that league. We need to have at least 30 players registered to get the league active!

Use your social media to spread the word! Here’s some posters and flyers to use as well -!?dl=0

That’s a real shame and judging from a past post this has only increased by about 7 in a year. I fear I may have to look elsewhere. Can’t really afford to wait indefinitely.

Can we use a Facebook page to promote this? I’ve been keen for a while and we need to get something moving.