Lincoln League


Is anyone joining the Lincoln league that’s here at all? … Just signed up but currently isn’t a live league yet.


Welcome to MANvFAT! Good to have you here :slight_smile:

The Lincoln league is still one of our planned leagues and you can view the league homepage here:

It is still quite low in numbers so the main thing is the more that register - the quicker it will get up and running - so if you have any friends or colleagues who may be interested - refer them over! If you do it from the league homepage you can give your friends 50% off MAN v FAT Football Registration and get £5 credit at the MAN v FAT Shop!

In the mean time check out our new members post here:

Good Luck!


I’m paying up to join the Lincoln league when i get back off hols in August.


are you able to say how many we have and how many we need to get a league off the ground? I will start scouting players at work.

@DanDN21 i already play on Tuesday nights down in Sleaford if you fancy getting involved, we’re always short on players, could do with an extra for tomorrow night in fact!?

Just a friendly game. Mixed players. Couple of under 21s, most mid 20s - mid 30s, one older geezer sometimes plays, i’m the only truly fat guy (21st), although manage to hold my own. Footballing brain makes up for lack of mobility. :wink: Next heaviest i guess is probs 15 - 16st.


@Milligut - at the moment its very low with only 2 registered - generally we would look for at least 20 in order to start getting the ball rolling on it (so to speak!)


That is low. :confused:

No worries, sure we’ll get there.


I live in Lincoln and love football. It’s what first got my attention with this website.

I would be keen to be involved but have reservations about my knackered knees.

I have lost nearly 70lbs since I joined here and have just started running again. So far my knees are holding up but would be worried about the contact element of the football (that’s how I did my knees 20 odd years ago).

If I didn’t play I would certainly be involved in some capacity.


@Brickhouse you don’t have to play to be involved!


Back off holiday and now paid up ready to play.

If anyone wants to join the Lincoln league but get 50% off registration fee then this link is your friend

How many have we got signed up atm?

Contacted local public health team ages ago but never got a response. :frowning:


Still only a few of you registered sadly @Milligut




Hi, I’ve just signed up and am interested in the Lincoln league. Do you have to pay before your interest is registered?


Hi Pete,

Yes, have to pay beforehand. Guess it splits those who are a semi-interested from those who are bang up for it. :ok_hand:


Thanks, can I play in the Nottingham league until the Lincoln one becomes active and then just transfer over?


I have heard of people playing two leagues before but @admin will be able to confirm.


Hi mate yeah you can play in the Nottingham league then swap when something more local comes up.

Lots of people play more than 1 league or start a new league then finish their original one at the end of the 14 week season.

Nottingham is starting to fill up nicely now and I should be on BBC Nottingham radio in the morning promoting it.


Ok, I’ve paid and registered as part of the Lincoln league to get the numbers up. How do I go about also joining the Nottingham on in the meantime. Do I have to pay twice?


Yes you would need to register twice with 2 different email addresses unfortunately we have no way around it at the moment.


I have now joined the Nottingham league too - hopefully it worked but there was an error at the payment stage and now I can’t get back to that page so I’m not sure how registered I am.

On a separate note, I have a few contacts within personal health and at the Echo so am working to raise the profile and get some more locals to sign up. I hope that’s OK and I’m not stepping on any toes.


Evening, I’m trying to sign up after being referred by IrishPete but it keeps saying theres an error and won’t let me. Any advice?

Incidentally I manage a Youth Centre in Lincoln (well North Hykeham if being picky) as part of my role with Lincolnshire County Council, and we have a 3G 5-a-side pitch that could be available depending on time and day, and approval with manager. Is there a particular person/email it’s best to discuss with? and is a 5-a-side pitch big enough?

#20 is your best contact for both of these queries. We play 6 aside but out pitch sizes vary massively from venue to venue so I’m sure your pitch would work.