Lincoln League


Any help we can get to reach the people that need our help is always appreciated. Are your contacts based in the Lincoln area?




Ok good stuff definitely
Worth dropping an email with some details and I’m sure we can get something moving along.


Any news on how many are signed up for the league now? Are we close?


sadly not - there has still not been a lot of interest as of yet for a league in lincoln - there are still only 4 of you registered.


fingers crossed for more players there must be something about manvfat football in one of the daily papers today as the lady on talk radio this morning highlighted the success of the scheme.


Have we had any more sign ups or we still on 4?

I’ve told pretty much everyone i’ve met from Grantham/Sleaford/Lincoln who says they like football and happen to be carrying a bit of timber but nobody seems to follow through with signing up. :frowning:


I’ve signed up for the Lincoln League. What are the chances of it getting started?