Literally sweating!


Hiya, i have a question sorry if this is daft. As u get more fitter do u sweat less or not? Cos iv been at the gym an that think iv got fitter but still get really sweaty, makes me abit embarrassed cos i must look dead unfit. To be honest i even get sweaty sometimes just in anyways not just exercising. Is there any excercise or way how u can stop sweating as much? Thanx


For me it’s definitely less, or maybe I’m just not working hard enough?!?

Look on sweating as the weight, literally, dripping off you and see it as a positive.


Aye thats true. I suppose its meant to at the gym, embarrassing when am out n about its probs not as bad as I think tho


I go out for a walk at lunch and get sweaty when I get back in the warmth. I rinse my face and put my hands in really cold water for a few minutes. It helps cool me down quickly.


This. If you’re not sweating at the gym you’re not doing it right.


Even indoors, on the bike, there is a need to break sweat. Sweating is a sign you are working the body rather than going through the motions.


People all have different reactions. Yes as you get fitter you should sweat less, but some people genetically sweat more than others. I do 45 mins weights and I’m in a right sweaty state. Just have to have that cool shower after! :slight_smile:


UYeah I could fill a bucket if I wring out my shirt after a spin class


@PickleRick Never thought about dipping my hands in cold water, may let me go on a few more lunch walks! Walk for 30 minutes in shirt and trousers and i’m drenched! Hopefully it’ll get better :grinning:


For me it’s usually the increase in temperature when I get back inside that shoots up my sweat factor.


I like to sit with the air-con on all day, causes constant arguments with colleagues!


You cant begin to understand how cold everyone else is when you do this mate,

major problem In my last place, she couldnt grasp that other people who had less padding didnt get as warm as her and turned the place into a tundra constantly and litterally eveyone except for her was freezing cold all day every day… simple solution for everyone mate, get a fan