LOCKDOWN - 30 Day Blast

I can tag in my recent groups @FRESH @LEMON @MUMSY.
Who else is interested in a 30 day Lockdown Slog?
@Lloyd_Nolan @bbats @Josh can you tag in any old groups?
Yes…it will be public but many challenges have been.

Let’s look at home exercises and fewer calories…the things that you can get outside for too. I live in China and have a lot of experience with the whole situation…I can get you through it…One big push eh gents?

@BIKED get involved lads! Let’s have something to be proud at the end of this horrible time.

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Day 1 - Saturday 4th April.
I weigh 104.4kg today…I’d like to get back to 100 in these 30 days.
Lock down is a part of life now in China. We live in a private gated compound and nobody who doesn’t live here is allowed in. Food and parcel deliveries all have to be collect from special zones and our temps are checked every time we re-enter.
We’re OK though as the compound is pretty supplied as we have supermarkets and shops etc… Pubs and bars downtown are open but I don’t go - never went much before the loakdown anyway.
I’m teaching online at the moment but I can mt training centre as my fitness studio (been doing that for years).
I have binge watched The Walking Dead - all seasons from start to present. Will check back in later, have a good day.

Ok Team Lockdown lets do this after my horrific visit to the scales and seemingly put on 7lbs over a couple of weeks!
I know my downfall- snacking!apparently half a family pack of crisps and chocolate every night whilst doing 1/2 exercise isn’t great!
B - instant porridge with semi skimmed milk with spoon of Nutella
Rest of day tbc


Can we not wait until we get a few more people involved before we start day 1 mate? There’s only 3 of us ATM.

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Yes, of course we can. Just thought that by starting something, others would follow.
Happy to wait.

I’m in lads, have put on over the past few weeks and whilst understandable given the circumstances it’s within my control and accountability to bounce back and be sensible so I end this better than I am now. Let’s do it.

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I’m at 98.7kgs - my aim is to come out of ‘lockdown’ weighing less than I did when I went in (95kgs). With a walk a day, exercise bike and maybe a bit of HIIT + most importantly being sensible with my diet I know it’s doable. Next longer term target is 90kgs so working towards this. Will upload food each day as groups have worked for me before.


Sat 04/04
Breakfast - cereal bar
Lunch - tuna salad, flapjack
Dinner - chicken, rice, veg. Strawberries and grapes.
Snacks - toffee yoghurt, options hit chocolate.

11,000 steps

A good day and a good start. Picked up a tip (can’t remember who/where from) to brush teeth after evening meal to stop evening snacking and it worked.

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Been a really busy day teaching and marking, no exercise.
B - Fried egg sandwich.
L - Wonton noodles.
D - We’re having fish.

I need to start a massive push exercise-wise as the other aspects are starting to fall into place. Looking forward to tomorrow,

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Sun 05/04
Breakfast - cereal bar
Lunch - rabbit pie
Dinner - sausages, carrots, asparagus, green beans. Strawberries and grapes.
Snacks - options hot chocolate.

12,000 steps

Another fairly sensible day. Routine starting to build up.

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6th April.
It’s the festival of Ching Ming here (Tomb Sweeping Festival) so the weather is terrible. I am spending the morning tidying up my room. I have a theory that If I can be happy here, I can build on that, sort of of having a secure base or something - I don’t know really.
I had a fried duck egg sandwich for breakfast and a cup of black coffee (no sugar).
I’m not sure what lunch will be, dinner neither.
Have a good day.

B - Fried egg sandwich, cuppa coffee.
L - Wonton noodles.
D - Steamed mushroom dumplings, Chinese green - San Choi.

Sn - 2 slices of bread with some ketchup on, 1 digestive.
Alc - Zero (my main target for the day).
Ex - Body Combat kickstart - 30.00.
Li - 3 litres of water.

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Sounds like a great day for you yesterday. :+1:
Hope the weather is clearing.

B - cereal bar.
L - corned beef pie slice
D - sausages, carrots, asparagus, green beans, ketchup. Pineapple.

S - options hot chocolate, big slice of cake, bag of dolly mixtures.

12.5k steps

Snacks in evening made it into a poor day (not crazy though given how past month has been). Going to weigh in on a Thursday so going for 2 decent days before then.

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7th April
B - Fried egg sandwich, cuppa coffee.
L - Tofu noodles.
D - Veggie fried rice.

Sn - 2 digestives.
Alc - 4 cans of beer. (fail).
Ex - Walk of 4.5km - 42.00. Body Combat HIIT1 - 30.00.

Weather is clearing nicely.

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B - cereal bar.
L - sliced chicken, dip/crunch pot, french fries crisps, yoghurt.
D - sausages, carrots, asparagus, green beans, ketchup. Strawbs/grapes.
S - options hot choc, 2 party ring biscuits, cereal bar.

13k steps. Decent day, getting involved with Whatsapp group which seems really positive. Keeping updating here daily too.


B - cereal bar
L - sliced chicken, dip/crunch pot, yoghurt
D - chicken, rice, veg. Banana/peanut butter.
S - raisins, options hot choc, Rice Krispie bar.

18k steps
Good day :+1:

B - Fried egg sandwich, cuppa coffee.
L - Pork ball and San Choi noodles.
D - Spicy beef rice set meal

Sn - 2 slices of bread.
Alc - 6 cans of beer. (fail).
Ex - Nothing.

9th April…
We actually haven’t called a Day 1 yet as it was suggested we waited for others…
@Josh @Toadski999…are you still up for this? There will only be four of us but it’s still decent.

10th April

Breakfast - cereal bar
Lunch - sausage roll, Nakd bar
Tea - lamb pie, green veg, gravy
Snacks - hobnob bar, 2 party rings
3L+ water

Approx 1600 calories
11k steps