Lockdown exercise

Ok obvs the gyms been shut months now i just wanted 2 say i set meself a target at the start try 2 exercise (not including walks) 4-5 times a week . Its been either indoor bodyweight routines or jogging. I didnt love the idea of jogging cos u get a lot of hassle off ppl but cos im in an upper flat there wasnt much cardio i can do cos am sure downstairs dinnit want me throwin meself about!! Id say most weeks iv managed. Theres been the odd couple where av been abit unmotivated n down but mainly its been ok. Cant wait til the gyms back tho

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I cant wait til the gym is back open it defo doesnt help body image :///////

What sort of hassle fella? I’ve found that nobody cares, nobody is looking at you when you run.
And even if they did, they should be thinking ‘look at that fat guy, making himself not fat by jogging’.

Thats a fair point, ppl care alot less then i normally worry!! I think it was worse at the start of the lockdown cos ppl was unhappy about joggers incase they breath on them etc. Just 1 of them tricky things about different ppl sharing a space. Hopefully the worst of thats calmed down

Hey @Biffa94 how has the lockdown exercising been going?
Been hard for me too, but more so because I moved and now there isn’t a gym close enough to work into my schedule.
Also, with a little girl around now I have a lot less time to work out. Though we did get a treadmill, which I’ve been jogging on 3 days a week!