Lockdown Life - my experience

Hi all,

Below is a message I shared with my team (from the Kensington league) on WhatsApp. Hope it’s useful for any readers/people going through anything similar.

Morning all,

I’ve got this message out a bit later than I would have liked.

Just wanted to pass on some brief thoughts about lockdown and the effect it had on me the first time it happened.

After we had the first lockdown earlier in the year, I started snacking (thinking I could ‘treat myself’ and a little snack here and there won’t hurt). Then as the lockdown went on it turned into comfort eating and more snacking. Made worse by going to Asda and picking up snacks deliberately. I hadn’t had a packet of crisps in a good few months or so. I’d very rarely buy a multipack/buy them with the intention of eating them.

I had done a bit of exercise at home with the missus, using an App. But I just wasn’t feeling it. I was missing the gym. Then I stopped that as well because I just wasn’t feeling it. Partly logistical issues but also me perhaps being too used to having a gym instructor motivate me better in person (which I couldn’t have access to).

Fast forward to our weigh in upon the season resuming… I had put on about 8kg. This was a combination of working from home, snacking, lack of exercise.

I’m not ashamed to say I lost my way emotionally, physically and mentally.

Since MVF resumed, I have started changing the old habits. I got the fitbit back out, I’ve been trying to move round the house more. No more crisps and snacks from Asda for me. I’ve been loading up on salads, and bottles of water. And I’ve started exercising during the week in front of the TV… following workouts on YouTube. Probably 20-25 mins a day. I’ve also got in 2L of water a day. As we had MVF back on, I started using MFP again, which I had not used in a few years. It’s made me a lot more conscious and aware than the paper diary. Oh and the missus has bought a scale with an app for us to weigh in. As nice as it is, the bloody thing gives a lot of info in detail but not in KG, only pounds!

In summary, with the new lockdown upon us, really take a moment to ensure you don’t let the fact there is no MVF and no weigh in affect you like it affected me. Find your incentive. For me, it was probably the 8kg I put on. Knowing I undid all my hard work up until that point. I don’t want to return there. I’m not going to let this get me down. I don’t want to let this affect my team either.

Happy for you guys to share your weight and progress if you can ever Saturday like you normally would. It’s the small things that may make us feel a little bit positive. Something we could all do with.

Stay strong, stay positive, stay healthy. Oh and stay clear of the snacks! Once in while is ok…




Hi Ray can I join the Kensington team? BigBren

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Looks like we don’t do 30 day challenges any more?

Still should be running or changed to man v fat challenge…