Lode Heath week 2

Tonight saw the last game night as we head into lockdown for a month.

A challenge for the month of November 60km for November following in the footsteps of our Wigan league counterparts. Get active where possible 60km in November create habits and see how far you go.

60 men are lost each hour to suicide across the world, by raising awareness and bringing the subject to the forefront, we can remove stigma, break down barriers, change, and save lives.

Well done to sex drugs and sausage rolls
With 9.5kg loss on Scales this week great effort.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Gareth Mandell 2.5kg loss
  2. David Wilson 2.2kg loss
  3. Philip Poole 2kg loss
  4. Nick graham 1.8kg loss
  5. Jonathan Holtom-Viesel 1.4kg loss
  6. Josh Wilson, Jason Roberts, drew hill 1.2kg loss

Take care all over the next month and will
Be in touch when have details or restart, stay safe and be as active as you can creating new habits that will help both lose weight but also mindset and approach to your health.