Looking to join glasgow league

i’ve paid my tenner but not the 25 as not sure where to send this. keen to start soon as i need to do something drastic. any help and advice to get me started and how to get me on my way in general would be greatly appreciated.


I am sure that the 25 is paid by Direct Debit once you have signed up.
The coach will be in touch shortly to welcome you and give more details of what the next steps are.

be assured that you are making a good decision now to get back to football as it has helped a number of us in the group to reduce and get fitter.
Regardless of what team you are allocated to, you will be made welcome by all as they are a good bunch of guys (mostly!!) Most importantly though get on it, and enjoy it…

See you on the pitch!



Hi Graeme and welcome!

I’m the lead coach for the Glasgow league. I have sent you an e-mail across letting you know what team you have been assigned other information. Your monthly payment will now be setup.

As Gash said, it’s brilliant that you’ve joined up and are looking to make changes. Everyone in the league is there for the same reason so you will have no shortage of support.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you at your first session!

EDIT: John beat me to it haha

I’ve only recently joined and I’m loving it (even though we’re not winning a lot lol)

Enjoy it and I’ll see you on the pitch.


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