Looking to join the Pompey league

Heya! Saw an adver for this program last night and it looked like a fantastic way to get out there, I’ve got a profile and everything already set up, and hesitant to pay till I know what I’ll need in way of boots and pads and kit, sorry if any of this is rude to ask but yeah just looking for a way in the right direction
Thanks guys!

Hello @dominicarmati -

To get involved with the league, you need to register onto it first - https://www.manvfatfootball.org/portsmouth

Once you have been selected from the group, you will be contacted directly by the coach. They will confirm your team, what colour they play in, as well as where and when the session is at.

All leagues require you to wear shinpads, and appropriate footwear for 4G astro turf / synthetic grass. Astroturf boots or moulded boots are usually fine.

I signed up a couple weeks ago and all I got was email saying when the league is played and nothing else, contacted them to ask what to do next and still not got a reply. Do I just turn up, cause thought you have to have a introduction first before starting playing and put into a team.