Lose it! v My Fitness Pal


Any preference on these apps? I have tried My Fitness Pal before which seems to work ok, but have never used Lose It! I am looking for one which fits in with Apple Health and one which makes it easy to log stuff

any advice is welcome!


Not come across lose it before but MFP is simple and easy to use. So I’d stick with that personally.


I used Lose It for about 14 months, paid for the premium version but have just switched to MFP.

Chief reason was that I have a Jawbone Up fitness tracker, Lose It converts steps into calories and then gives you an updated calorie number for the day. I am fairly active so some days it was well over 3000 calories. I would sometimes think that it was OK to have the extra food as I was still well within budget. I found this OK until i got down to about 17 stone, but then struggled around this mark for a while and realised I need more focus on what I was consuming to go further. Based on comments in my MVF group, I switched to MFP and also the ‘Happy Scale’ app, which is a cracking little number - think it was recommended on here before. The main strength of MFP for me is that the Jawbone doesn’t seem to be supported, meaning I can still try to eat about 1700 calories and treat the exercise as a bonus. That has really helped me kick start things again.


MfP seems to be the preferred one, but just lately the iPad version has become very frustrating to use, and very erratic in its syncing. I know @Alex_PN has had issues with it, too. Anyone else?


Used LoseIt for a bit but switched to MFP. Like how it syncs up phone and activity from other apps like Garmin Connect.


UPDATE: to be fair MFP seem to have fixed the iPad issues