Losing all motivation. Back to my start weight


Hi all

Not really sure what I’m hoping to get from this but my weight is really getting me down and I had to get it out! I lost a lot of weight over the first 6 months when I started MVF, I did my first season and lost 10kgs but now after my holiday and after I had to start paying for MVF I realised that 1) I couldn’t afford to do MVF and do weight watchers (which helped me lose my weight) and 2) I had nothing to set a target towards so one cheat/day week carried on until the end of the year and now I’m back exactly where I started and the past year feels like a waste of time and a failure.

It’s now really affecting my mental health and I’m not sure what else to do and I’m thinking about just quitting MVF and accepting that I am just a fat man.

Thanks for reading and any motivation to help me get back on the wagon would be great but I honestly don’t know where to go from here!


At the end of the day its about ur happiness.
Theres nothing wrong in being a fat man who is happy in life. Nothing wrong at all.
But it sounds like u not sure?? Maybe do a list of reason for n against loosing weight 2 help u decide?
But u say it is effectin ur mental health. So thats 1 thing. Maybes theres other help u can get with mental health too? But if u say weights part of it then thats something in the FOR side??

Also there must of been reasons u done MvF last time…what was they? When u lost 10kg what was the good n bad sides 2 it?

I dont go 2 MvF football neither for similiar reasons, it was that OR gym n i didnt wanna quit the gym cos iv been gan years. So why not leave deciding if 2 go for now n just stick around the message bpard 4 abit n see hpw it goes while u decide?

All the best in ur decision pal


I’ll get back to you tomorrow, all I’ll say now is do not give in!

I’ve been a yo-yo dieter all my life and MvF has saved me from a certain early grave.

Enjoy the festive period, but come new year, get involved on here and let’s get you back in the right mental space and losing weight!

You wouldn’t have posted here if, a) You didn’t want to lose weight, and, b) You were happy.

Let’s get you sorted in the new year, lad!


I’m confused as to why anybody needs weight watchers or slimming world.

All they do is point you towards lower calories foods.

Guess what? When you eat less calories, you lose weight.

So look up the calories of some foods you like that you know are healthy, make a plan for breakfast, lunch & dinner plus snacks, and stay within calories.

How many calories should you go for? (Quick version)

Go to the NHS BMI checker, enter your details and on the final page it gives a calorie range?
See the lowest figure? Take 500 off that & you will lose weight.


Sorry to read this @Josh
All I can say is that many of us, including me, have had similar experiences. Identical in fact.
My solution is to try again, because sooner or later I will crack it.
In fact I expect to get it right this time. My new group starts tomorrow and I will sort it.
And that is my advice to you.
Go again and again until it’s done.
Good luck.

It will be alright in the end.
If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.


Just did that bmi checker on nhs. So much information on that.


Iv said my bit on the before … its basically like they turn it in2 all points n sins n reds n greens etc n dont explain exactly what it is exactly. So cos u learb there language not cals n actual diet advice it means ppl r dependent on the system forever. Nice money spinner eh. If u teach ppl about cals n that they can go off n do it alone. They need ppl 2 need them

Mind am not bein funny cos i dont mean 2 hav a go if its helpd ppl, am not knocking whatever ppl wanna do. … but i wonder if some of its the group support? U can get that here tho! Mite only b virtual (exept 4 the actual football) but its canny n its open 24 7 lol


My weight loss success was initially down to joining a manvfat group. Manvfat didn’t lead me down any particular path on how to lose weight, I had to find my own way. However it did put me with a group of like minded men who also had the same goals. This created a focus and determination every week to lose weight so as not to let my new team mates down. Guess what? The accountability it worked.

Why does slimming world and weight watchers work? Could it be because you go to a group of like minded people who have a desire to lose weight. It holds you to account every week on the scales.(sounds very familiar doesnt it?) The fact that it wraps basic nutrition up in its own disguise, who cares if it delivers success and improves an individuals physical and mental health.

Manvfat was created because weight watchers and slimming world are typically seen as a female biased groups. However the business models have lots of similarities.


I disagree about similar business models.

Whilst MANvFAT doesn’t have a magic wand, I don’t believe for one second that any session of SW or WW has a 30 minute exercise workout as part of it.

The individual has to want to lose weight. The same as anywhere else. My point is SW / WW offer something anybody can work out for themselves.


Guess what, you pay a fiver a week for sw/ww and manvfat. You also get weighed every week. You become part of a group. Those are the similarities I am referring too in the model. The football at manvfat is the usp., It’s the one thing that sets them apart from being the same. That’s not opinion that’s just fact.

Maybe you move in different circles but I meet a lot of people who don’t understand food/body science. Look at the group that maxmas authors and read some of the questions that people are asking him. It’s a poor assumption to make.


I think the other usp of man v fat is its men only. Not that im some kind of sexist who thinks it spoils things if women is there, far from it. But especially since ww + sw is mainly women it does help cos its embarrassin enuf as a bloke dealin with health/image things n i think it b even more embarrassing if it was mixed. Am guessin that 1 of the reasons behind it


That’s part of the reason why manvfat started. They recognised the gap in the market for a men’s weight loss group because you are right sw and ww is mainly females . Tag on the link to football and you have a great package which is a big attraction for a lot of males.


Aye. Its a business like the rest but i think its less of a scam then most of the rest of the diet industry. Soz gone right off topic there lol


I get what you say about not understanding the food/body science. I am also finding in a lot of people that they don’t want to understand as they don’t care, they feel content, they like their takeaways etc… like I said, people need to want to lose weight. And when they want to, they learn how to.

On a different note, did you leave the Newcastle league after one season?


I did half the second season but my ankles and knees weren’t enjoying it anymore. They used to take 4/5 days to recover and by the 2nd season I had got into running so it became more of a set back for my progress so I threw the towel in and went it alone.

Are you still going?


I need a Dubai league :sunglasses:


I see what ur saying about the science and like many I haven’t a clue. But I have access to maxnas site and nutrition thingy so it’s always there at a click.


I am… it’s more the banter/crack than weight loss for me now. Nearly 5 stone lighter than Aug 2017, a stone lighter than last Christmas.

6ft 2, down from 2XL to L… yet still unhealthy in BMI terms. 10kg ish to get to that (be more like 12/13kg after Christmas :grin: )

Bought a Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch, been running for 3 weeks but 2km in 9 & a half mins & I’m done.


Well done on those results. Very impressive as I know it’s takes lots of determination and drive to achieve them.
The feeling when buying clothes with no X in the label is still very weird to me as in my own mind I am still a xxxl. I now find myself starting big and working my way down the clothes rail getting more surprised as the smaller garment actually fits. It’s strange, I don’t know how long it will be before I see myself a slimmer version of the old me.
I am now 4lb off losing 5 stone from last September, my BMI is still obese but I don’t think I will ever fall into the normal range. I will keep going though as I want to keep reducing my body fat.


Do u think its necessary 2 hav a really deep understanding of it to A. Achive it and B. Show dedication ?
Is it enuf 2 kno cals in/cals out, n having a basic idea of whats high n low in fat, eat plenty veg, not to much takeaways etc, exercise most days…or is that 2 basic?