Losing all motivation. Back to my start weight


But you have just demonstrated that you understand the basic science. Calorie deficit is the answer, no matter what diet is followed.


Yes i do understand that. In general iv not got that kind of brain that deals with maths n science etc well n av not got gcses n all that. So it made me abit worried if i needed 2b expert cos am just not. Wont let it hold me back tho
At the end of the day some ppl dont wanna lose weihht n is content in life (must b nice!!) Some of them of course dont even need 2 cos they not even classed as overweight. But those who do need it + do want 2 lose weight well we all got 2 figure our way. I often think sticking t it is the harder bit then actually workin out the diet, just my opinion


Again spot on. Losing weight is easy. Avoiding putting it back on is harder.


Well for the weight watcher/slimming world maybe its that they like to weight in weekly where there’s somebody else doing the weighing. Keeps you honest.
I don’t really like WW, but I will pay for bits I need in the knowledge I can weigh and go. Would have preferred to have just paid for MvF unfortunately they changed to ManVFat Football.


Ive done slimming world,but I love mvf,im halfway my 1st season,and ive lost 12.8kg already,I love the banter in our whats app group,and I love the feeling of being part of a team again,im constantly thinking about the food I eat,and what effect it can have on,not only myself,but my team as well


My first manvfat season was the catalyst for my success. That WhatsApp group became inspirational and motivational for me as you are exactly right i really didn’t want to let my team mates down on the weekly weigh in. I also wasn’t the greatest of football players so I knew that this was my way of contributing at least 0.5 goal to our scoreline every week.


With me, it’s all about planning. When I fail to plan, I plan to fail. I know it’s an old adage but it’s true.

I have to consciously set myself small goals and build them up. It starts with getting my water intake up first then go from there.

I’d stick with MVF. It’s a long road and I’m just taking my first steps but I plan to get where I want to be.


Hello mate, keep your chin up because I’ve been there. Have a go at the Keto diet. It’s the best for weight loss and low activity. I’m 7 stone down and now a Keto nutritionist. Look it up and if you have any questions let me know. It’s ok not to be ok as we are all in this together. All the best. Steve


No, a calorific deficit is best for weight loss. And that is what all ‘diets’ aim at.


Not true. I’m never in calorific deficit on Keto and I lost 7 stone. Keto best diet for weight loss 100%. Different things work for different people. It’s not true that you have to be in a deficit to lose weight. It all depends on what goes in your mouth. You don’t have to eat small amounts of food and be hungry.


@maxnas one for you…

Yes, instead eat high volume of low calorie foods. Guess what? Calorie deficit.


Enjoy your cucumber and lettuce mate. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone. Open your eyes and understand that there are other ways besides yours. Not saying what you claim doesn’t work. Just sharing how I got to where I am.


Actually I’m gonna do this one myself.

Ketosis , together with a calorie deficit , forces your body to burn its own fat stores. Without that calorie deficit , ketosis is unlikely to lead to weight loss as your body is burning only fat from food and not fat from adipose tissue.

Maybe learn the science before giving yourself a title.


Like I said mate. The same thing doesn’t work for everyone.


Oh how wrong you are, if you think I eat salad all day long. I like a salad, but again, no calorie deficit, no weight loss. No matter what diet. I like carbs, I have lost 5 stone eating carbs. Because I like carbs & eating carbs doesn’t prevent weight loss either. Why? Calorie deficit.


Calorie deficit. Works for everybody - even those in denial that it’s a calorie deficit.


Not being in a deficit worked for me. All I’m saying.


…even those in denial that it’s a calorie deficit.


You’re a bit of a prick fella. It worked for me that’s all. Get over it.


Only one prick here, he came on here calling himself a nutritionist.

ketogenic diets don’t lead to more fat loss in the body when you consume the same amount of calories as you do with carbohydrates. People only begin to shed fat when they have a calorie deficit .