Losing all motivation. Back to my start weight


All good mate. You believe what you read. I know what worked for me and the people who helped me. I’m sure you feel that you’re better than others and beat the same drum to make yourself feel better. I’ll let you have the last word so you can sleep well tonight.


It’s not about having the last word, it’s about stopping people from spreading lies.
I haven’t said Keto is bad, what I have said is your version of information is factually incorrect.

Keto acts as an effective appetite suppressant for many people, making it easier to consume less energy without feeling excessively hungry.

Do you still need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight? Or does keto have a different mechanism of action? The short answer is that yes, even on keto you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.

If you want to drop the excess body fat, you’ll need to force your body to use your own fat stores, and this is achieved through maintaining a deficit over a period of time (typically at least a few weeks or months, based on your goals and how aggressively you’re willing to diet).

Feel free to Google, you may learn the truth.


The first post the guy makes is to promote himself as a ‘Keto Nutritionist’.

Morale of the story folks:
if you need professional assistance, that’s what registered dieticians are for. But stay away from anyone calling themselves a keto nutritionist.

Go back a few years, and you can replace all the “keto” words with “paleo.” Keto fares no better over the long term than most other diets. That is to say, poorly. Adherence is what matters most, and whilst some find low calorie diets work (because let’s be honest ‘don’t eat carbs’ is a pretty simple rule to follow), the reason why it works is even simpler - you created a calorie deficit.


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That was a fun read. While eating some caramel popcorn the 4 year old decided she didn’t like


We shouldn’t be eating popcorn, it’s not keto.


Eeh hey this thread eh
Mebbes there need 2b some rules brung in, well not rules but ettiquete about how ppl talk about science things. I dunno it b hard 2 moderate tho i suppose


To be fair, I replied with science, he replied with ‘keto worked for him’.

Just to emphasise: keto didn’t work for him, the calorie deficit did.

Eat less (calories), move more (burn more calories.)


Ah right ok soz i wasnt havin a go at ne1 just mean it can get confusing when ppl say thwy kno about nutrition n that n ppl dunno who 2 listen 2. Thats why i just keep it simple me


I went on a calories deficit and I lost weight. Hmm must be something I’m doing. I don’t got for the rest of the fads out there.


Eat less ( calories ), move more (burn more calories .) is all you need old chap.

I’m lucky that I like salad; with tuna, mackerel, egg, whatever. But I also like home cooking & have posted pics on here lots of times. I love a homemade pizza, curry, lasagne, stir fry… if you know what’s gone into your food, I guarantee it will have less calories that the ready made versions for a comparable portion size.

Take pizza. Get a tortilla wrap, put some pasta sauce on it (a thin coating not swimming), add peppers, mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes. Top with about 30g of lower far cheddar & cook in the oven. Pizza hit taken care of for under 400 calories (by comparison, a 335g Ristorante mozzarella pizza is 944 calories!)


Aye reckon that gona b ny new year resolution, more cooking!!


If you’ve changed your weight in either direction you’ve changed your engery intake vs output

If you’ve lost weight, by definition you’ve been in an energy deficit

This is the basic fundamental foundation of physics pertaining to mass change, everything in the physical universe is governed by this (the law of thermogenesis)

Just like the law of gravity, it’s not up for debate, it’s only a case of either you understand it or you don’t understand it

If you’ve been on a ketogenic diet & lost weight, this means that you’ve created a deficit in energy intake by eliminating an entire food group (carbohydrates),

Don’t get me wrong, if you personally prefer that approach (if you hate carbs) & find that ‘structure’ works best for you, more power to you,

But understand that you could have done the same thing without eliminating an entire food group (especially one that hinges so much around social environments)

Hope this clarifies for you mate


PS - I’m sorry to say, but there’s no such thing as a 'keto nutritionist, I’d make sure to look deep into whoever’s sold you that peice of paper as you could get sued for giving out nutrituional information without the correct qualifications & insurance etc (it’s illegal in many places),

I’m a qualified Nutritionist & Trainer btw


@Beakey @Darren_Welch

Guys please can we at least keep this amicable - there is no need for name calling.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and at the end of the day as long as what they are doing regardless is working for them then that is the main thing.


I think the problem is that he was more than just sharing his opinion & what worked for him (I’m all for whatever works best for the individual), he was forcing mis-information on people who might already be confused in an effort to have people message him for advice where he can promote himself as a ‘keto nutritionist’ (does’t exist) & when called out defaulted into abusive language towards Darren

He was likely following the marketing plan of the keto cert/company of posting on forums, as his very first post is “Hi, Keto is the best, I’m a keto nutritionist, message me” lol

He’s not a nutritionist, he doesnt even understand the fundamental junior school level basics of nutrition and he sure as sh!t isnt in a position to advise other people on nutrition

Maybe not the best choice of words, but I’m glad Darren got rid of him as he’s clearly a zealot tryingt to take advantage of vulnerable & confused people. They all need to GTFO of the ‘health & fitness’ industry IMO



… and a merry Christmas to one and all.

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