Losing Weight through Strength Training


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I won’t put my personal thoughts on Kris Gethin on here, but similar to what I said about the FST principle, the legit community don’t take him seriously and he’s viewed as a scammer with extremely low levels of knowledge of nutrition & training to the inner circle community.

But hey, if somethings producing results for you, then that’s all that counts!


thank you, I think is a great article.


Can anyone recommend good supplements? I’m weary of protein powder because of the sugar/sweetners, and the others for cost and lack of science behind them, but I have people telling me I’m crazy to lift without them, especially as trying to lose weight.


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here’s my list of recommended supplements

(apologies for the external link, I’m about to clock of for the night… I’ll remove it tomorrow & write them down instead)



Cardio can help build big muscles as well. My quads are now 29" from cycling.


True, it does help strengthen the lower body. A good combination of full body strength training (upper and lower) and cardio I think is best. I’m experiencing the same thing - on MWF I do full body strength workouts, and on T TH I do a spinning cardio class. My thighs are now 26" and I’m wondering if I should back off on legwork a bit since they get a workout in the spin class.


I’ll avoid that then. Naturally big legs and already find it difficult enough getting trousers that don’t look like bloody tights on me


I’ve found the weight is dropping off in the 6 weeks I’ve started weight training. I have 2 sessions with my PT per week (upper body and lower/compound) and then try to fit in another workout with some cardio involved in it.

Not only do I much prefer resistance training, but I feel better than when I was doing pure cardio. I can feel myself getting stronger, and feeling the aches and pains from a workout helps me stay focused on my diet as it reminds me that I’m working out for a reason.


@thesquarebit that’s fantastic progress!

Yeah, I just scanned my original article, it was a great summary of losing weight through weight training. But there are many other benefits to strength training. Like you said, you just feel stronger. Those little aches and pains begin to diminish.

I remember that I suffered from a leg muscle injury followed by a fairly sedentary lifestyle for 10 years…it never healed, my leg still felt weak while doing certain movements. After a few months of strength training, that injury completely healed.

I notice now how I squat all the time to pick things up, retrieve things from lower cupboards, and it’s a natural movement. Before I was in shape, squatting really was a chore.

My knee has had, and still has once in a while a bit of a dull pain when I bend it for prolonged periods. I’d like to say that strength training has healed that all up as well, but it hasn’t entirely. But the interesting thing is - logic would dictate “Oh, I have a bad knee, better not put any stress on it.” But I find that squatting actually helps it feel better. The reason being that done properly it doesn’t put excessive stress on the knee, it strengthens the muscles around the knee to better support it.

The process of strength training is essentially breaking the body down and allowing it to recover and grow even stronger. The kind of stress you’re getting during strength training isn’t just muscular, it’s neuromuscular as well. As I point out in this blog article, there are all sorts of benefits to your body - keeping it more healthy and young. You can actually ward off conditions like arthritis and even dementia.

That’s the wonderful thing about resistance training, done properly it gets you functionally stronger to live a better life.


Thanks, mate.

I started off barely being able to squat 30kg, now I’m doing 60kg as my starting weight and did 6 reps of 80kg last night.

I couldn’t deadlift full stop 6 weeks ago, now I’m doing 46kg. I’m still working on my form and find it extremely uncomfortable, but I’m pushing myself.

I didn’t know how to bench press 6 weeks ago, now I’m regularly doing 40kg. Military press, I start at 20kg.

Basically, seeing the improvements in the weights I can lift is another big motivator.

Oh, and the fact that you’re only working in short bursts rather than one long 30 minute stretch helps me no end. #nostamina


I love it. As a bloke there’s something to be said about feeling strong and feeling good and in my experience it’s something you just don’t get from pure cardio sessions. That being said, I do sometimes love that “I’m knackered” feeling you get from loads of cardio, reminds me of when I was a kid playing around.


Nice sessions, I’m going to give one of them a go for a few weeks. I need something new thanks. Much appreciated @shrinkinguy


I definitely want to get some lean muscle but as a stay at home dad my gym opportunities are limited. I think I would like a good body weight programme, but are these effective too?


I’ve just recently joined Pinterest and there seems to be loads of ideas of exercises on there. Check it out


I’ve been collecting a ton of workout ideas on Pinterest for a few years now - 5.5k pins! Of course it’s a random hodgepodge of ideas, but sometimes people enjoy browsing to see what might work for them. Check it out here:


Does rigorous swimming provide strength training like benefits or best to hit the weights?


Really not a comparison mate…

two different beasts, you can’t replicate strength training type strength gain without the strength training.


What @maxnas said. Swimming is a low impact exercise without any progressive overload, so it doesn’t give you anything like the benefits of resistance training.


Very informative - will incorporate in to plan from now on.


I’ve just finished an entry stage ‘beginner strength training program’ for you guys,

very simple to follow, effetive & adaptable around you, equipment & preferences (unlike set plans like SL 5x5)

Just a few last tweaks to do, to keep it as simple as pos & will release it soon :slight_smile: