Losing weight to be an example for my son

It’s been a couple of months since I last posted on this excellent site. I could give you all the excuses about why I gave up but I’m sure you have heard them all before. The point is I’m now back and, more importantly, I am now a dad. My baby boy is 1 month old today and now that I’ve got past the terrifying first few weeks I’m starting to think about the kind of example I want to set for him. My whole life I have struggled to have a healthy relationship with food and I don’t want my son to have the same battles.

So the weightloss journey begins again. I will be calorie counting, aiming for 2200 per day, plus at least 30 minutes physical activity. This morning I am 132.7kg, which is 42.7 above a healthy weight. I’ll be posting daily updates on this thread along with a weekly weigh in figure until I reach my goal. Thank you in advance for all your support.


Congratulations and welcome back. Let’s get you sorted.


Seems like the perfect reason to start another challenge.


Cheers guys, great to see you are all still at it. Good day today:

Breakfast: NA
Lunch: burger, sweet potato fries, two pints of bitter
Dinner: fish soup and bread
Snacks: six squares dairy milk chocolate, 2 white coffees.
Overall a shade under 2200 calories, will be doing half an hour of body weight exercises before bed

Good second day,
breakfast 2 slices whole meal toast with marmalade.
Lunch fish soup
Dinner chicken salad
Snacks 3 white coffees, 2 glasses of milk, one honey sandwich.

Again just under 2200

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Another good day,
Protein shake for breakfast
Salad two honey sandwiches and a glass of milk for lunch
Fish sticks for dinner
Cherries, white coffee and a magnum ice cream as snacks
Comfortably under 2200

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Decent day today,
Breakfast : protein shake
Lunch: toast and marmalade
Dinner: lamb chops and roast veggies
Snacks: 1 beer, some cheese and cherries.

Overall just under 2200

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Another good day

Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: lentils rice and cheese
Dinner: 1 beer, oven baked fish and chips
Snacks: a few white coffees

Bang on 2200 for the day.

Good day today

Breakfast: porridge
Lunch NA
Dinner: Tesco curry
Snacks: some cheese and a magnum ice cream

Overall bang on 2000 calories


Decent day again,

Lunch: burger, sweet potato fries, pint of bitter
Dinner: Tesco curry
Snacks: some cheese and a donut

Overall just under 2000 calories, shows you can hit target even with quite unhealthy food if you don’t have too much.

That’s 7 days on the trot now so will be posting a weight update tomorrow morning

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Weighed in this morning at 128.7kg, most of that loss is water weight, always see a big drop in the first week of dieting. Still only 38.7 to go now.

Good day again:
Breakfast NA
Snacks: 1 white coffee
Lunch: 2 corn on the cob
Dinner: sausage mash and gravy

Overall under 1900 calories

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Went over today:

Breakfast: Protein shake
Lunch: yesterday’s leftovers
Dinner: tandoori mix grill and naan
Snack: peanut butter sandwich

Around 2500 calories. I managed 8 days on the trot of sticking to target so will start again tomorrow and try to beat that

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Good day today

Breakfast: Protein Shake, white coffee
Lunch: whole meal toast and marmalade
Dinner: Veggi chilli with rice, 2 beers
Snacks NA

Overall just under 2000 calories.

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Good day again:

Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: bean chilli
Dinner: chicken stew
Snacks: white coffee, beer, honey sandwich
Just under 2000 calories

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Decent day yesterday:

Breakfast: bag of popcorn
Lunch: chips and curry sauce
Dinner: meal deal
Snacks: more popcorn and a graze barbecue crunch box

Overall just under 1900 calories

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Decent day today

Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: 2 scones and 2 sandwiches
Dinner: chicken soup
Snack: one white coffee

Overall 2200 calories

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Way over today,

Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: meal deal
Snacks: Marmite sandwich, ice cream
Dinner: Turkish takeaway, couple of beers

Disappointing at around 3000 calories. Not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow but will get back at it.

Try not to use words like “disappointing”. They’re counterproductive. You had a day that was less than ideal, however your previous 14 days were to your goal or better. That deserves a huge celebration!

Instead of looking at your day as “disappointing”, try to look at what you ate and ask yourself what you will cut out next time.


Hi there. I am new to this . Your story is helping me get started. Keep up the good work

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Hi All, it’s been a long time since I posted lots of ups and downs in the last few weeks but overall I’m making progress. I’m now down to 125kg, so 35 still to go, will be trying to post on here more regularly to keep motivated