Loss is so slow!

Is anyone else facing this problem? I have attached least 40 lb. to lose. I’m keeping daily intake under 1500 Cals and it’s a bit of a struggle. I doubt I could go much under that

But I find it discouraging that it’s taking so long. How do you guys keep motivated to continue?



I faced this problem a couple of years ago after I lost a stone. One thing I really kept coming across is Consistency & patience is key. Even if you aren’t losing on the scales, you may be building muscle and losing it on the measurements.

Maybe use myfitnesspal to accurately count calories, a few miss calculations here or there and you might be over consuming?

Maybe look into alternatives, I did intermittent fasting for a couple of months and felt the difference

Good luck!

Are you tracking your calories?
1500 seems really low to me but then again I haven’t seen your stats.
You have to be really strict as it’s really easy to underestimate weights and portion size.
Get some kitchen scales and have a look at your calories again.
Good luck.

Don’t bring yourself down and keep trying. I am sure you will attend what you want in coming future. I also have gone such situations in the past but got result.