Lost 8 stone but now struggling HELP


In 2018 I lost 8 stone, seven of this with manvfat. Just finding this season I am struggling while still eating what I was eating in 2018. I have upped the exercise with starting of circuit training over Christmas. Can someone advise me as I want to make 2019 as good as 2018.


Nice to see they messed the days in your book up as well! :joy:

You’re bound to hit a plateau but I’d recommend you reduce what you’re eating. If you’re eating the same as what you were previously while losing weight, you’ll get to a weight where you’re eating the right amount of calories to maintain your weight.

Have a look online for a TDEE calculator and see how many calories you need to maintain that weight. Drop that number by 500 - 1,000 calories a day and you should see a drop of 1 - 2lbs of fat a week (3,500 calories is equivalent to 1lb of fat).

Plenty of other ideas on here that might float your boat but that’s what’s working for me and plenty of others.

Best of luck, stay in touch and let us know how you get on.


The first thing to remember is that 8 stone is an absolutely amazing achievement :clap:

There will be weeks when your weight loss will slow and you may see a bigger loss one week and a maintain or slight gain one week thats just how our bodies work especially after what you have achieved.

If you find your pattern quite rigid and structured and that may have been what’s worked for you to get to where you are try and mix it up a bit to give your body something to think about and also if can calculate calorie intake we can see if there is a way can reduce this with lower cal alternatives to keep you on your consistent losses. For example a lower cal alternative to pot noodles could shave off some calories


There’s been quite a bit on here about stalling and weight loss plateaus. Its worth doing a search for words like plateau and stall and reading those old threads.

From my own experience of and others in groups I’ve been in there’s two points to consider.

  1. The sad reality that if you loose weight you need less calories.
  2. Going right back to basics and evaluating what you eat. Counting calories, weighing portions etc. I’m guilty of letting portion sizes slip over time or adding extra ingredients. I’ve seen others reevaluate there foods and discover extra calories that they didn’t realize they were eating.


Agreed with Adrian.

Whereas I used to make a batch of 4 chicken tikka masala, I have added peas to the recipe & now divided into 5 portions.


Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I’m going to have a look at trying to introduce more unprocessed food I think and more veg as I think I really need to go this way.


Hi @Neil_hodgetts - Go back to basics, read over your logbook and see what happened on good loss weeks.

What worked for me was to get more fruit and veg into my diet, reduce the amount of bread and alcohol that I was having and then get more exercise. Walk everywhere, take the stairs at every opportunity and drink your water!!


2 things I’d suggest mate:

1 - Take a break for a few weeks, let your hormones & metabolic rate recover (they are suppressed while dieting)

2 - Find you’re new ‘maintenance’. There’s no much less of YOU, meaning your body doesn’t need as much energy/calories as it used to, also your metabolic rate would have slowed down (see above) after the break, figure out what your ‘new’ body needs & go back into things from a new starting place



Lost 1.5kg this week added more different unprocessed food and changed to eating every 3.5 hours .