Lost my Mojo

Looking for a bit of help.

Recently I have lost my Mojo and all my motivation and I can’t seem to get it back. I’m taking the easier options like rolling back over and going to sleep for that extra hour instead of getting up and going to the gym and looking for an easy excuse to not exercise or eating crap.

Has anyone else had this and how did you overcome it?

So looking forward to the new season in the Hull league and I really want to make this the one were I finally make it count and hit targets.


Think we all go through spells like this so it’s pretty normal, you can break out of it.

If getting yourself up to go the gym is proving a challenge, have you considered finding a different form of exercise that you can get yourself excited to get up and do? For me adding running and badminton really broke up some of the boredom of the gym and got me excited to exercise again. You could look at classes in the local area or swimming or boxing. There’s something for everyone.

It’s similar with the food. There are plenty of healthy alternatives to junk food that satisfy bad cravings. Experimenting can be fun and you can find new favourites you never thought you’d try (I can’t recommend cauliflower roasted with paprika enough, delicious). If you crave a takeaway, make a homemade healthier version etc. Some of the recipes on the MvF recipes page are quick and easy to make and really tasty (another recommendation: the Thai Curry Soup).

With the new season approaching, it might be worth setting yourself some goals based on that. Set yourself the aim of hitting your 5/10% by a certain week? Maybe push the boat out and go for top scorer?. Once you see the numbers start falling again you’ll naturally begin to feel more motivated.

It’ll be a case of remembering why you started this journey in the first place and forcing yourself back into good habits. But once you get going it’s often like a snowball effect and your motivation will build.

Good luck for the upcoming season!

with the gym situation, i also found myself not going to the gym , i just didn’t fancy it after a while and it was taking to much of my time . i worked out a 5k run/walk from my house and got myself a spin bike for the garage . it has worked for me and saves gym fees.Also i have met someone at mvff who plays squash. try and find a training partner from your league or elsewhere this can really help with committing yourself to a exercise session. All the best for your next season.

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I always go back to the picture of me before I started the journey and the feeling only being able to play football for 5 minutes. Then think now I can play an hour and feel a lot better in my clothes and in myself.
You have to find exercise you enjoy and will make you go out on a rainy day. Remember the feeling of going to the gym to actually having done the exercise and the feeling of accomplishment are a lot different. I dread doing my circuits but the feeling after although knackered is that I am on top of the world. Set a short term target and a non food reward for hitting it like tickets to a football match maybe.