Low cal curries

Possibly big source of my weight gain but there is a difference between North Indian stuff cooked with loads of Ghee and cream and South Indian ones, utilising mainly chicken, fish and Veg. The main offender being Coconut Milk but even that you can get Lite now. I dont know what the cals are but try ‘Boatman Prawns’.
a drip of oil.
coriander powder
fresh chillies
Raw prawns
Coconut milk to water down


I do love a curry. With apps like My Fitness Pal you can track all the calories you consume.

Even though I now watch what I eat I don’t consider myself to be on a diet. I am just forming better habits.

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I know mate. If you say “I cant have beer” then within 10 minutes the first thing you want is a pint. I managed to be vegetarian for a year once and I managed it because I said to myself “If I want meat I’ll have it” and that back door made it work. I’ve seen that app but I dont know how it works when you are cooking from your own ingredients without using a calculator, which kind of destroys the pleasure of eating. Turns mealtimes into Sudoku

I hear what you are saying!

It’s one of the reasons my regime is like it is. If I know there is a night out planned with the lads I go and enjoy it and just go with the flow. I know that as I have formed better habits 95% of the rest of the time I can justify it.

Same goes for the occasional take away or bag of chips. Nothing is ruled out 100%, I just eat or drink them much less often.

For those of us who love to cook as well as eat Indian food, may I recommend the low-calorie section of Tarla Dalal

That looks good Melbourne I think I know what I’m having for dinner now. I have cook books by Das Sreedharan who runs the Rasa chain of restaurants in London. He doesnt measure out cals and fat but you can kind of work out how low fat they are anyway by the ingredients.

I’ve only just registered here but to be honest I dont think it’s food so much with me as booze. I reckon if I cut that out the weight would fall off

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Except for occasional celebration drinks, I’ve given up the booze entirely. A year and a half now, and I’ve had a drink only about half a dozen times, perhaps fewer. It was surprisingly easy. given that I was drinking aperitifs and half a bottle of wine or more every single day. There’s no doubt in my mind that reducing alcohol intake has been the number one weightloss factor for me.

Encouraging to hear mate. Its whisky with me rather than beer so much, although that too.

I made the carrot and garlic chutney from that website you recommmended yesterday. Really nice, only 1 teaspoon of oil but to be honest you wouldnt have noticed it if you’d left it out entirely.

also made a Sambar and a couple of Idli’s frozen from my local Indian supermarket only a handful of calories

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I picked up a low fat curry cookbook a few months ago. One of the big things is caremelising the onions without very little fat which is done using a few sprays on frylight then using small amounts of water while frying on a lowish heat until the onions go brown. You don’t want the onions swimming in water, just enough to stop them burning/sticking. I’ll see if I can put a full recipe together over the weekend with some tips .