Low calorie ice cream


Spotted this in Asda today. Lower in calories and higher in protein than Oppo Ice Cream and cheaper too.


no way - what a treat! lol


There’s also Halo Top which people are going crazy for, currently on offer for £2.50 in Tesco. Halo-Top-UK-icecream-launch

I’ve tried the cinnamon roll one and it was alright. That’s the extent of my review and they should definitely put it in their marketing.

Apparently Oppo is really nice but I’ve never tried it!


I shall have to look out for them. I have tried several flavours before while in the states but hadn’t realised that they had made it over here yet.


This is from Aldi, 4 tubs in a box for £4. Only 150 calories per tub with 8g of protein.

I find they work a treat if you have a sweet tooth.


Apparently the Halo Top is out of stock everywhere because it’s on offer & Slimming World told all their members or something.


Very telling about peoples habits eh?

“it’s my metabolism, it’s insulin, it’s sugar”,

no slimming world groupies, it’s because you’ve collectively made an entire ice cream brand go out of stock lol


Having said that, I got myself some Breyers in a Tesco shop. It’s also on offer for £3 a pop.

Just to see what the fuss is about ‘obviously’. :grin:


Can’t even find Halo Top on the Tesco site now.
Must have run out of all supplies.

Oh well, I am sure it will return soon enough.


In my local Tesco they have dates on the shelfs saying when they are expecting more stock in. It only stocks 3 flavours but one was meant to be due in yesterday and the other two are meant to arrive on the 2nd and 4th.


Breyers is due to be delivered real soon.

I may be in hiding for a few days.


Definitely will look out for that


Cookies and cream was out of stock so they sent extra vanilla (boo could have at least an extra chocolate one) and couldn’t even order the mint one at the time.

Still, somebody can’t count as I have only been charged for 6 that I ordered yet received 7. :grin:

Still, I shall review in a little while…


The vanilla one has flavour… slightly watery but only slightly… apparently that is normal & can understand why… would I buy this on a regular basis?

Yes, but only like now when on offer. I don’t think any ice cream is worth £5 a go.


Can’t be that bad, finished off the rest of that first tub tonight. :grin:


Don’t buy the chocolate one!

It’s lovely & I don’t want them to run out of stock :smiley:


I seem to be their only fan?

Breyers is now £2.50 as Asda & I have the missing flavours…


2710 calories Darren, probably best if you eat the cat food another day


I joked at work with the delivery the other day that 6 meals a day of ice cream was only 1800 calories. :joy::joy::joy:

PS Cookies & Cream is the best yet. And yes I did the whole tub. Never mind.

Only mint left to decide.


I have tried most flavours of both Breyers and Halo Top, my conclusion is that both are decent but Halo Top is much more like proper ice cream and tastes a lot better. I have done a full test of all of the flavours and I must admit that I enjoyed every moment of it.