Low calorie ice cream


It’s not too bad at 1000 calories a tub considering it is twice the size of the Häagen-Dazs and less calories. I think I could fit it in to meet my macros for the day.


It’s also twice the size of Breyers/Halo Top and around 3 to 4 times the calories. :joy::joy::joy:


Think of it as two tubs of Halo Top and only 50% more calories per tub while being a lot cheaper at the equivalent of a £1 a tub.

Although if I start a tub I would find it difficult to stop at only eating half of it. :joy::joy::joy:


Another day, another brand comes to light.

Slightly higher in calories than the others but in the scheme of eating half a tub, not a vast amount more.



Half the amount of protein than the others though. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m eating this stuff as part of a low calorie dessert, not as a protein source.
That’s what my chicken, fish, eggs are for, anything in these ice creams is a bonus :slight_smile:


Oppo on offer at Asda for £3.

The flavour range seems a bit ‘the same’,
apart from Columbian chocolate & hazlenut,
so that’s what we have bought to sample. :+1:

Some of their flavours list calories per scoop,
the one I bought says 190 per half tub.


Ooo have heard good things about Oppo, please report back!


Only just saw this - I’ve tried the Perfect World caramel pecan and it was HORRIBLE. I had a few spoonfuls and ended up chucking the rest, it was weirdly flavourless and although I usually love pecans, it had way too many :broken_heart:


Never got round to buying any of the Perfect World, it was the pistachio that got me interested.

Having the Oppo this evening.


Kinda underwhelmed by the chocolate & hazlenut. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice enough.

But it was basically chocolate. If they had called it hazlenut chocolate that would have been fine, but chocolate & hazlenut? I was expecting bits of hazlenut in the mix.

Richer than Breyers chocolate, but Halo Top is still numero uno based on that.


I love this thread and your dedication to the cause!


Oh hello, here’s another low cal brand entering the arena!

From a press release I was sent:

Having bagged over 40 Great Taste Awards, Jude’s is known for being experimental with exciting new flavours. Inspired by the success of the Little Jude’s range, Jude’s is launching its first flavour packed, no added sugar and vegan flavours for big kids to enjoy. Made using natural sweeteners Stevia and Erythritol, as well as the sugar content naturally found in cow’s milk, coconut milk and vegetable fibre, Jude’s new range comes in three of its bestselling classic flavours, as well as something new:

  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Peanut Butter
  • Vegan Chocolate

Available from 23rd October at Sainsbury’s nationwide, RRP £4

Interesting! Jude’s regular salted caramel is really nice so I’m intrigued if they’ve managed to make this just as nice…


What’s this Vegan claptrap?

I want new flavours, not more of the same… :grin:


Tried another carton of this tonight. And it had hazlenuts. And was very nice.

Wondering if the first tub tried was just a mistake…


And on that basis I now have Oppo mint/salted caramel flavours to try.

Tesco seems to have new Breyers flavours on the website but no pics yet and not on the offer that the other varieties are. No sign of these at Asda, where £2.50 seems to be a permanent price for Breyers.


Cinnamon Crunch, got to try that.


I’ve got a tub of Halo Top on order - £5 is pricey but giving it a go :slight_smile: I’ll try other brands…just need to check out where sells them as we are limited to ASDA and a small co-op where I am.


There may be other retailers but these are what I am aware of;

Halo Top is sold in Tesco & Ocado.
Breyers is sold in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda.
Oppo is sold in Asda.

I eat any of the 3 brands, I just buy on offer, such as today when I picked up 4 tubs of Oppo at £3 each. :+1:

Breyers is only £2.50 a tub in Asda & Tesco at the moment (apart from the new flavours as seen in Tesco picture above.)

Halo Top seems to drop to £3.50 or 2 for £7 from time to time.


Cheers for the info - very useful to know :slight_smile: