Low calorie ice cream


Cinnamon crunch! Coffee cupcake! Hope those ones are as nice as they sound

(you can keep your chocolate orange flavoured stuff because it is the work of the devil)


Because Halo Top cinnamon roll is so nice, I’m looking forward to the chocolate orange most.

Have visions of it being like the raspberry one, so something like orange flavour ice cream with chocolate chips…


Oppo mint tonight. With pineapple.



One of those times is now. :wink::+1:


I tried the Breyers Cinnamon Oat Cluster, it is does not measure up to the Halo Top Cinnamon Roll ice cream at all. Also spotted in Tesco the 2 Ben & Jerry’s low calorie ice cream flavours that used to be exclusive to Sainsburys plus a high protein ice cream called Wheyhey which comes in a couple of flavours.

I received an email from Iceland yesterday and it mentioned that Halo Top is coming to Iceland soon.


To be fair whilst Breyers does the trick when there’s nothing else on offer (refuse to pay £5 a tub!) it’s definitely a poor third behind Halo Top & Oppo.

That is good news, the more stockists, the better chance of finding it cheaper…

Got plenty in the freezer of all 3 from recent/current offers. :grin:


Hello my fellow ice cream lovers!

Halo Top have two new ones - Candy bar and cookies & cream (which sounds familiar but not sure if I’m thinking of another brand)

I got an ad on Instagram for Breyers cinnamon oat cluster, but I think it may be the same as the cinnamon crunch but with a slight name change.

OH and also - my Tesco order came last week with 4 random tubs of Halo Top in it that I didn’t order, so I got to enjoy the cinnamon roll one again. Made me think of you guys :grin:


this thread is the gift that keeps on giving @emma1



Blimey I thought we had shared the new Halo Top ones. Cookies and cream is in the freezer, Candy Bar, is clearly a Snickers type mess, and rather delicious. :+1:

And well done on the freebies. :joy::joy::joy:


Under 200kcal, tastes better than all of these IMO



Halo Top now available in Iceland, only these four flavours though. £3.50 a tub.


Saw this yesterday in one of our import shops in Dubai. They are usually large mark up on everything they get in


That Breyers Gelato looks nice. Pity it’s not a low calorie version, although I could probably still get a full tub to fit my macros each day. :joy::joy::joy:


Halo Top spotted in Co-op as well now. £4 a tub introductory offer. Normal price will be £5.50 a tub.


No matter what brand, I have made a vow that
£3.50 a tub is the absolute maximum.


Me two, which is why I had a tub of this today. image


Halo Top’s peanut butter and salted caramel are both to die for at such low calories. Will definitely give the other flavours I’ve seen in here a go!


That stuff I posted converts to 7£ a tub.


I thought this was all one pic and one veeeeery long freezer


Wow! I spoke to someone in Norway who said he’s lost weight purely because the price of stuff puts him off, I think he said a tub of Ben & Jerry’s converts to about £12