Low calorie ice cream


Yeah the shop where this was there is 100% mark up. But people will pay these prices.


Sorry for any repetition - new low calorie B&J

Cherry Garcia with a Twist features chocolate ice cream and fudge flakes, and Mocha Fudge Brownie blends cold brew ice cream with brownies and marshmallow swirls.

PB Marshmallow contrasts gooey marshmallow with crunchy peanut butter cookies, and Chocolate Cookie EnlightenMint is packed with decadent fudge truffles.

The new additions join the three original moo-phoria flavours, Cookie Caramel Fix, Chocolate Milk and Cookies and P.B. Dough, which launched last month


…sadly I wont be touching any of them! would be fatal.


Asda is now stocking Halo Top.


Ben & Jerry’s has got to taste good, surely?

Slightly higher calories but could be worth it…


Was just a matter of time before Halo Top spread. The more the better, means it will always be on offer somewhere…


I know you’ve probably tried this by now but the Ben and Jerry’s is really nice. So much better than the other low cal ice creams but very rarely on special and no ice cream pot is worth a fiver in my opinion.


Are they still not 600+ calories per pot? Not sure I could stop at half tbh. :joy:


The B&J ones are still more calories than the others, I guess that’s why they taste better.

After the initial Oppo disappointment, their chocolate & hazelnut nails it for me, ahead of any of the Halo Top, but you can’t eat one flavour all the time. Again I wouldn’t pay a fiver for a tub, thankfully Oppo is £3 at Asda more or less all the time & Halo Top goes on offer sporadically at Tesco & a smaller range at Iceland is cheaper.

Breyers seems the poor relation by a long way now which explains why it’s £2.50 at Asda all the time. Still not tried their newest flavours that appeared at Tesco as they have never been on offer.


Having said that, from tomorrow at Tesco:

Halo Top £3 a tub.
Moophoria £2.50 a tub.

Time to stock up again, I only have higher calorie mince pie ice cream left. :slight_smile:


Halo Top increased slightly to 2 for £7 or 3 for £10 at Tesco.
The Breyers Flavours that I haven’t tried yet are down to £2.50, also at Tesco.
Oppo has been £3 at both Asda & Sainsbury’s for a while too so all good.


10£ for one in Dubai :cry:


Oh hello new Ben & Jerry’s low cal flavours…

Salted caramel brownie


124 cals per 100ml

and chocolate cookies & cream


129 cals per 100ml

pssssst, there’s also a new regular B&Js Topped flavour which sounds incredible and I will 100% be buying even if it’s 684732 cals per 100ml…
I’ve added details below but blurred out in case you don’t want to know :smile:Click to read.

https://www.benjerry.co.uk/flavours/love-is-topped - Buttery Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Pink Chocolatey Salted Caramel Cups, a Cookie Swirl, a Pink Topping & Chunks. Shame it’s so PINK but it sounds so good


Did we not mention it 3 weeks ago that it was on offer at Tesco? £2.50 a tub…

Or are they different flavours?

Edit: on my they are new and look better than these ones…


Oppo at £2.50 in Asda has got to be one of the best prices vs quality yet…



I know this isn’t ice cream but it’s made by Oppo who do the low cal ice creams. Would highly recommend these cheesecakes. Very tasty.


A lil preview of this week’s newsround that might interest my fellow ice cream fanclub members… :laughing:

The latest ice cream makers to bring out lower-cal ice cream, Haagen-Dazs steps into the arena with their little cups of gelato. They’re 150 cals a tub and are made with real cream and sugar unlike a lot of the lower-calorie ice creams, but at only 100ml they’re also a lot smaller. There are two flavours available, caramel swirl and chocolate drizzle, and they’re a fiver in Asda for a pack of 4 mini cups.


I love the halo top salted caramel. I haven’t seen the B&J low cal ones yet


AND Asda now have a ‘light and dietary ice cream’ on their website - https://groceries.asda.com/shelf/ice-cream-tubs-yogurt-ice/light-dietary-ice-cream/_/103555 including a few of their own brand ones! Apparently the birthday cake Asda one is great and it’s 196 calories for half a tub.


Could someone compare this to what you are eating? Bought this for the kid tonight so might get a taste