Low calorie ice cream


Have a tiny bit. :joy:


Oh aye I am


Your one litre tub is 950 calories. 2 of our low calorie ones would come in at 600-750calories. It’s not THAT bad. :+1:


Which got me thinking. Are we overstating how great all these brands are?

Take Carte D’or ice cream. Litre tub, currently £2 a pop for a litre.


Calories in the Rum & Raisin is 100 calories per 100ml, so 250ml (half a halo top) is 250 calories. In the scheme of things, are those extra 60 calories that bad? 5 portions for £2, compared to 2 portions for £3-£5. Strawberry is 91 calories per 100ml.

Think I’m done with these sweetener brands. Apart from that Moophoria cookies & cream. That one is immense & needs to be on offer again soon…


That stuff I put on is ok as well. For 200 cals there’s so much worse I could eat.


Exactly my point… when I open a halo top, I’m having half no matter what.
When it’s from a litre tub, it’s a couple of scoops… slightly less for similar calories.


Here’s how I do ice cream

That’s 465g, 244kcals, 21g protein

Less than 5 minutes in a food processor.
Just throw in 350g frozen strawberries (and/or blueberries), 1 scoop whey protein, 100ml coconut milk, 1 or 2 tea spoons of guar gum (as a thickener, depending how solid you want it), cinnamon and sweetener to taste.
Works for me!


Coming to Aldi from monday, £1.99 a tub.


And coming soon to Tesco.

80-100 calories each.

Price unknown.



Out in Tesco now mate. Look really tasty but £5 for three :scream: I think I’ll pass at that price!


Yeah, I don’t buy any of the products in this post at a fiver a go. Bought 4 tubs of Moophoria the other day in Asda at £2.50 a tub.

Other than that, there’s plenty of ice cream to be had, just disciplined in smaller portions…