Macros Carbs/Fat/Protien

Ive lost a considerable amount of weight calorie counting using mfp. Now its slowed down and sometimes even gain whilst training 5 or 6 times a week and sticking to calorie intake.

Im wondering if I aim for a certain % of fat/carbs/protein but stay within the calorie intake the weight loss will be more consistent now?

No mate, forget percentages, nutrient needs should be based of your own bodyweight (or lean bodyweight), when you use percentages it can scew things massively.

At the end of the day weight-loss comes down to energy expenditure (calories)

The only macronutrient that can help aid fat loss a bit it protein, by hitting your protein needs you’ll retain more lean mass, meaning the weight-loss swings more in favour of bodyfat loss

Are you in the MvF player FB group?

If so I did a talk on this last week & th video recording is in there :slight_smile:

I came of Facebook about 6-7months ago and havent been on since. I might have to relog on :confused:and have a look.

Im only curious because last week for the 7 days i averaged 1600 calories, trained/excersised 6 days of the week, 125k steps over the week.
Come monday night weigh in, small gain​:rage:. I know it might be a loss next week but for the graft I put in I was expecting a loss for sure. Extremely disappointed :weary:. I was thinking maybe i wasnt getting a the right balance of macros :man_shrugging:t2:

Defo login and give that video a watch mate, it’ll free you from this confusion forever.