I’ve finally achieved my target today so now the mission to maintain starts. I’ve update MyFitnessPal with new goals which has increased my daily calorie allowance.

I’ve reduced the amount of food I eat since starting to lose weight and so I don’t want to start increasing my portions to meet the calorie goal. Likewise I don’t want to just eat high fat foods to meet the goal either.

Can you guys advise best way to increase my calorie intake with resorting to overeating or eating badly.


when I hit my goal, @maxnas advised just to increase my calorie limit around 500 or so. That was supposed to be the maintenece intake. And…it kinda worked for me.


Hey mate, I’m just off out but if you tag me tomorrow to remind me and I’ll map this out for you to make it as simple and easy as possible :slight_smile:


Ok so i’m a bit confused :man_shrugging:t3: (nothin new there though).

Over Xmas I put a couple of lb back but nothing to serious so was confident I could get it back off. I’ve been made up with cold and so not really been on the ball with getting back in track. I’ve eaten a bit more during the day than I did before I reached my target, i’ve eating cough sweets all week and yet I have lost more weight and gone past my target weight.

I’ve changed goals in myfitnesspal to mainting levels, but bit worried as if I lose more i’m going to be too thin.

So how can I increase my calorie intake without resorting to eating crisps / chocolate or increasing my portion sizes. I’ve substituted crisps / chocolate for rice cakes and reluctant to go back and start the weight spiralling upwards again.

Any tips ?


This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot as when I’ve lost weight in the past I’ve just gone straight back up again when I stopped dieting. I’m still along way from my goal so it’s not a massive problem for me yet but if someone (@maxnas?) does provide you with a good answer I think lots of people would be interested.


Managed to stay exactly the same weight over X-mas / New Year. Literally 0 grams up or down. I’m a bit OCD about recording calories etc but i was having around about 1900-1950 per day net after exercise. Figured if I can do it over X-Mas I can do it anytime!

Everyone will have a different amount that they need to maintain but it is possible. Finally below the 27.5 BMI last week and still have 10-14 pounds to go till I can finally look at maintaining weight. That said the weight loss has slowed dramatically the last few months (500 grams max per week) so it is getting difficult.

I like to concentrate on the 30 KG lost and look at that as a positive :slight_smile:


Anybody got any tips on increasing calories without increasing portions or eating rubbish ?


Low calorie intake can be given
The body needs a balance between calories and food intake
Some recipes can be followed for weight loss with intake
With intake of food naturally


Whats the current plan mate, why are you increasing calories, how long for, how much by, what’s the outcome your looking to achieve?


My target weight was 12 stone 7lbs and i went slightly under. It’s taken 2 weeks of eating loads plus the wrong sort to get back to my target. The risk is continuing to lose weight and losing too much. I’m back at target now so need to maintain without increasing portion size or eating the wrong sort of food.


first of all mate, are you happy with how you currently look & feel?


Yes but was getting to the stage where any more weight loss is going to make start looking too thin / gaunt. Now I’m at target weight again I feel happy. A couple of lb either way I’m comfortable with as a ‘buffer’ zone knowing I can bring to the target.

So now the goal is back to maintaining and figuring out what I can eat to keep stable. I’ve spent the past year losing and past couple of weeks putting back so need to find the maintenance level.


I’d hard to give you personalised info on this to be honest mate, as it will mostly come down to your ability to adhere to a maintenance level based on your food preferences, habits etc, just like you did when adhering to a caloric deficit

The reality is maintenance means eating more calories than being in a deficit

So in reality it will mostly likley be a case of slightly increasing the volume of some foods, or re-introduce a few foods that are higher in calorie content