Making fitness stuff easier


I was just scrolling through my fb feed and realised that even for me, I’m not involved in many fitness/nutrition convos day to day, most of my feed is people who are not sharing this journey

I’m assuming its the same for most of you guys?

Then I figured if I want to be involved or share thoughts on fitness type stuff I have to actively go to certain places, fg groups, forums, blogs etc, which is great, but it means its not a main theme in my daily life

I’d much rather have some of this stuff become an automatic part of my life, and not just fitness, but general day to day stuff of guys on the same journey (since we all share a major life goal) and see more of regular life from my fellow ‘men on the same mission’ instead of old school friends moaning about their ex or their boss lol

Anywhooo… would love to connect more with everyone more in general day to day life, since our day to days will probably have a lot more similarities than other people on our feed, you know, the ones that think looking after ourselves, watching our nutrition and improving ourselves is ‘weird’

I’d much prefer if my feed we’re people who saw this stuff as ‘normal’ & doing the same stuff

You know what they say about becoming the people you surround yourself with,

Anyone else wanna connect more on a day to day/life basis?

Post your pages and lets all connect :slight_smile:

Here’s my fb profile (mostly filled with DIY pics, holiday pics & the occasional fitness rant lol)


You are already on mine, and I post all sorts of rubbish. :joy:


:smile: :smile: :smile:


I think the only thing I ever post on Facebook these days is my Gym Check Ins ( just to prove to my friends I exercise! )