Maldon League

Hi Lads,

Just signed up to the planned league in Maldon.

Has anyone else put their name down? Be good to meet some new faces!

Does anyone know how close we might be to getting started? Raring to go now!

Welcome to MAN V FAT!

When we have 30 guys signed up for a planned league then we approach a local partner (a football club, a local authority, a sports centre, etc). We then work with them to get 60 + (ideally 80 +) men signed up. Once we have 30 guys we get the partnership going. Once we have the partnership we set the start date. If you want to influence how quickly all of this happens (which of course you would!) then read how you can help here. We should emphasise that most of the leagues that have launched have had one or two guys really pushing the league and that has made the difference.


Interested to know as well how close we are, signed up as well for the planned league

Hello @Preliator - There are 4 registered players for Maldon at the moment.

How many are we at now?