MAN v FAT Bexhill v Eastbourne

Hi All,

I have already spoke to some of you about this however thinking of putting on a Eastbourne v Bexhill match sometime this summer

Numbers, venues, dates everything TBC however wanted to see if there was interest in this.

It probably would be an 11 v 11 match with subs!

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Great idea.

Fantastic idea this (with plenty of substitutes of course)!!

Sounds great sure some of the Oranges might be up for that.

Yes, id be up for that (Eastbourne)

Yep, be a great game, deffo up for this, bexhill

Depending on dates and times ,im up for it , bexhill player

bexhill most of the greens would be in for this, for sure

Im in for deffo

Sorry guys im out due to family commitments hope you all have a great game

Soz guy’s, its my daughter’s dance show on that day, hopefully next time