Man v Fat Bunbury

MAN v FAT Soccer Bunbury, Week 5: We have lost a human……

Week 5 saw the return of better (and warmer) weather, a rather humid night at Hay Park Multi Sport precinct but that didn’t stop the lads from some great football. and it was another really strong week on and off the scales. A huge week of weight loss that puts our league weight loss count a whisker away from 105.5g . An absolutely phenomenal effort from all to reach 100kg in 5 weeks! Special mentions this week to those who joined the 5% club… Josh Stewart (Fat Bastard) and Caleb Newman (FC’s). Give those guys a slap on the back when you see them, because that is excellent.

Dealing with plateaus … An issue that came up a fair bit this week was that some of you are starting to feel that your weight loss is slowing down. Don’t panic – and don’t change the sensible, small things that have served you really well to this point in the season. Plateaus like that are REALLY common during weight loss journeys – it’s really rare that you’ll just continue to drop the same amounts week in, week out. WA Country Health Serice (WHACS) dropped off some nutritional help guides last night and some of you took the opportunity to take a few, if you didn’t see them, mention it to me next week and grab some, it will go a long way to helping you with your weight loss journey. The main thing to remember is ‘calorie in’ vs. ‘calorie out’, and to keep faith with what you’re doing. Deficits (more calories out than in) will lead to decrease in body weight. So, if you hit a plateau that lasts for a few weeks, and you haven’t hit your weight loss goals by that time, then you could look for ways to change the out vs in balance a bit. One approach would be to look for ways to increase your physical activity a little more, or to look for any new changes you might be able to introduce to your diet. But remember to keep your changes gradual and to maintain them.

Scoring Off-Pitch… It’s been great to see the passion and camaraderie on the pitch every week, but as we’ve heard lots of you saying to each other, the biggest way you can score a bagful of goals is OFF the pitch. No better examples this week than Hardly Athletic who lost their game 3-2 on the pitch but won it with their off field weight loss 7-6! It goes a long way. So, although what happens on the pitch is important, it’s the off-pitch goals that are going to be the ones we’re most proud of, and it’s those ones that we’re really all striving for. A bit of support for your teammates in reaching those off-pitch goals could be a game-changer when Monday nights roll around.

As always, a great list of match-ups awaits in Matchday 6. Fat Bastards and Hardly Athletic kick things off at 6:00. Then what is sure to be a great game between True blue’s v Burnley Calories at 630 followed by our man event of FC’s v Green Dream at 8pm. “Winter is coming” lads – Another solid night on Monday before we hit into the cooler weather so make the most of it.

Have a great week lads!

Coach Nick