Man v Fat Canning Season 2 Week 2

Week 2 completed, the wheels are rolling now.

Pretty good week overall in terms of weight loss, consistency from a few and some who are really giving it a good crack, a few diet choices which were….questionable, from others ;). 10.3kgs as a collective lost this week, good result and we should start to see that number increasing soon as the bodies begin to shed the fat more easily, especially those that are being consistent with the exercise and diet, the body will be in the full swing of burning that fat off now. Biggest loss this week came from Bruce Gibson, who lost a huge 2kgs!! No surprise that Bruce’s team “Big Reds” was the biggest team loss this week with the help of Bruce and some other teammates posting big numbers, they lost 5.4kgs as a team, huge effort guys well done!

The scores taking into account weight loss penalties are below:

                       Fat Blondies 4 – 1 White Lightning

                   The Men in Black 2 – 5 Big Reds

                     Super Bloopers 2 – 15 Gremlins

Fat blondies have cemented their spot at top of the ladder being the only team so far to go unbeaten. Gremlins did their position no harm with a BIG win over the Super Bloopers, that percentage boost could be big later in the season if things get tight at the top!

Where to start with the diet?

A few questions Wednesday night were centred on diet and where to start, what to cut out? With any major change, always start small, completely cutting something out is never going to work, it needs to be tapered down little by little until the body can completely go without it, and that takes time. My recommendation would be starting with things that are easy to control, soft drinks, sugar intake, large amounts of carbs at dinner time. These are all easy to control, especially if you chuck on your healthy eating goggles when you’re shopping and ovoid popping those treats into the trolley, you may hate yourself later when you’re craving that late night snack, but that hate will turn to joy once you see those number reducing on the scales.


Routines will help with getting everything to do with your diet and exercise right. Again, start small, set a target for yourself each morning when you wake up, start doing little things like making your bed every morning or drinking one full glass of water as soon as you wake up to replenish your fluids after a long nights sleep. These little achievements and goals will make it easier when it comes to targeting bigger things which are going to be more beneficial like making time for meal prep and cooking, or going to the gym or getting your daily exercise in.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to flick me a message or email :slight_smile:

Coach Josh