Man v Fat Canning Season 2 Week 4

Slight dip in the weight loss this week, chatting to a few of you it seems that the long weekend, coupled with the AFL grand final turned into a big few days of food/drinking. We hit 9.5kgs as a whole taking our total to 49kgs! Just 1kg shy of where I predicted we would hit last week, let’s try to work hard this week, stick to our food and exercise to make up for the long weekend binge and get back to over 10kgs as a whole!!

The biggest loss this week was 4kgs!! A massive effort from Nicholas who is now 101 from being 150+ 2 seasons ago!! So close to hitting that target of under 100kgs, awesome work mate!! Biggest loss from a team was 6.3kgs which came from Super Bloopers, who again are putting up big weight loss numbers!

The scores taking into account weight loss penalties are below:

                          Super Bloopers 8 – 9 Big Reds

                            Men in Black 3 – 10 Fat Blondies

                                Gremlins 6 – 4 White Lightning

Super Effort from the Super Bloopers who didn’t score a goal on the field but scored 8 off the field!!! Almost pinching victory from the Big Reds. Just shows if you work hard off it the field with diet and exercise it will translate on the scoreboard too, in one way or another! This week’s games caused a 3 way split at the top of the table with Fat Blondies, Gremlins and the Big Reds all being separated by only goal difference after 3 wins each.

Planning ahead for events.

In light of the number of weight gains that occurred this week, I thought I would speak a bit on planning ahead for parties/events like the ones a few of you attended for GF/long weekend. Now I am in no way trying to stop you from having fun, I too attended parties for the GF and ate and drank, however it’s what you CHOOSE to eat and drink that can have all difference. With any weight loss there must be sacrifices, and in this instance, that sacrifice is normally the chocolates, lollies, chips etc. that normally accompany a social gathering of sorts. But that doesn’t mean not eating all together, at the gatherings, 98% of the time there will be a fruit platter, crackers and dips or a bowl of veggies and dips that someone has bought, and if there isn’t? YOU can bring them! It’s as easy as substituting those snacks we know aren’t good for us for those that are healthier and just as easily accessible, and that will make all the difference on the scales.

Extra in game goals

To provide a bit more motivation to see more food diaries and exercise being completed, I will now be adding in-game goals to teams who do so. I will follow the same formula for how the weight loss goals are awarded. This formula is as follows:

                                  1-2 players = 1 goal

                                  2-4 players = 2 goals

                                  5-6 players = 3 goals

So what I want to see to qualify for these goals is your weekly food diary filled out and at least 3 days of exercise completed during the week. You and your team will have a chance to score 3 extra goals before the match has even begun just by writing down what you’ve eaten and finding the time during the week to fit in exercise only 3 times! And in addition to that it will also make it easier for myself to help you now that I can see your food diaries and shed a few more kilos from the exercise which could attribute to more weight loss goals! All in your hands guys, and don’t be afraid to kick a teammate up the bum if they don’t have their diary filled out!

As always, any questions at all don’t hesitate to email. Have a good week everyone!

Coach Josh