Man V Fat Canning Week 1 Season 3

First week down!

Week 1 is officially down! Well done to everyone who rocked up for the first week, we had some really good close games and some good numbers on the scales considering it was week 1 and I’m sure a lot of you haven’t ramped anything up just yet, or your body is yet to burn away the fat, it will be a slow process. We lot a total of 7.9kgs in week 1 with the team losing the most weight being the Red Bulls, who lost 4.3kgs as a team, great work guys! Biggest individual loss came from one of our newcomers Darian Wee, who lost 2.1kgs, awesome work mate!

The scores from Wednesday’s games taking into account weight loss penalties can be found below:

                             S’not Green 4 – 1 All Blacks

                               Red Bulls 1 – 4 Super Swimmers

                             Yellow Snow 2 - -4 Blue Army

Blue Army have broken an unwanted record by becoming the first team in Canning league history to record a negative final score, let’s hope they can turn that around this coming week! Very close games on the pitch but as you can see the weight loss is where it counts and can make all the difference in those final scores!

Books/ Myfitness pal

I know it is the first week and as I said, a few of you may still be getting into the swing of things. In saying that I only saw a handful of books that had actually been filled out on Wednesday night. This is a big part of the program as it allows me to evaluate your weekly caloric intake based on the foods you have eaten and gives me the opportunity to help you out with some changes that could benefit your weight loss goals. As I said on the first night, if you are using Myfitness pal that is accepted too, and also a great tool for those starting out with monitoring their caloric intake as it gives a calories recommendation and makes counting those calories much easier! If you have any questions on this come and see me :smiley: .

Weight loss.

A few of you mentioned that you thought there would be bigger numbers on the scales, don’t be disheartened! You have to remember that weight loss is a slow process and the body actually has to get rid of that fat from your body, which isn’t going to happen in a week unfortunately. It is a slow process but trust me when I say those numbers will begin to drop, and very soon if you are sticking to cleaning up your diet and getting that exercise in burning those calories!

Exercise/ Leisureplex gym

From the looks of a few of you out there on Wednesday night you were feeling the burn (the heat on the courts definitely helps with that). While the games are an awesome way of burning calories, there is more needed to shed those kilos. As with last season, I have managed to allow all members of MvF to take up a free 10 day trial in the Leisureplex gym for those wanting to put in a bit of extra work. Also if you refer a member and they sign up you get a 30 day free trial!! Those wanting to take advantage of this come and speak to me and I will set you up in the gym for either your 10 day trial, or if you refer someone and they join, a 30 day trial.

Hope you all have a good weekend and if any of you need anything don’t hesitate to flick me an email :slight_smile:

Coach Josh

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