Man v Fat Canning Week 10 Season 2

Finishing Strong.

Massive bounce back from last week guys, collectively we lost a massive 15.5kgs, which is our biggest loss to date since week 1 where we lost 17kgs!! This is an awesome effort guys especially considering we are at week 10 now! Goes to show how hard you are all working and keeping everything consistent with your diet and exercise. Biggest loss from an individual this week was from Matthew Vuckovic who lost 4kgs!! Huge effort Matt well done! Looking over his food diary he had filled out it was evident Matt had been working hard with 4 gym sessions this week as well as MvF and a clean week of eating, fantastic effort. No surprise that Matt’s team (Super Bloopers) also had the biggest loss recorded as a team. Together they lost 5.6kgs narrowly beating the Gremlins who lost 5.4kgs as a group, awesome work to both teams. Another incredible stat coming from this week is that we have now hit the 100kg mark for the season!! We are sitting at an incredible 102.7kgs now. Amazing effort from you all! Let’s use this as motivation to stay clean and keep training hard for the remaining 4 weeks of the season.

Final scores taking into account weight loss penalties are below.

                     Men in Black 1 – 6 White Lightnining

                   Super Bloopers 7 – 14 Fat Blondies

                         Gremlins 8 - 8 Big Reds

Two weight loss turnarounds this week with White lightning and Gremlins good weight loss results helping them on the scoreboard. White lightning had a massive turnaround after losing 3-1 on the field, ended up with a huge 6-1 win! Black team records an unwanted record of being the only team this season to finish on less goals than they scored on the field due to some unfortunate weigh in results. Gremlins managed to even up their loss on field going from a 3-4 loss to our first draw of the season with 8-8! Shout out to the blue team who also recorded 6 off-field goals and although they defeated the yellow team in weight loss scores (only scoring 1) they weren’t able to turn around their on-field score still losing 14-7.

4 Weeks left.

Really awesome week guys, the consistency I am seeing and the fact that we are still able to lose this amount of weight this late in the season is a credit to how hard the majority of you are working. Start looking for each other for tips and share pieces of advice or things that are working for you with others. If we can finish the last 4 weeks strong and work together we have a chance to crack 150kgs. I know that there are a few of you who are only a few kgs away from hitting a goal you set at the start of the season, so this is the time to finish strong!!

Always open for contact for any questions, have a good weekend and I’ll see you all Wednesday.

Coach Josh