Man V Fat Canning Week 10

Back to our fat losing ways!

Awesome week this week with 16kgs lost as a group, such a good effort putting us back closer to the 20kgs we were averaging at the start. This 16kgs puts us very close to the 200kg lost total, we currently sit on 194.8 so are only 5.2kgs away!! I’m pretty much pencilling the 200kg mark to be hit this week, no pressure :wink:

The most weight lost this week by an individual was Matt Vuckovic who lost a massive 5.6 kilos after being in Europe for the last couple of weeks! Awesome effort Matt! A nice holiday did some good by the looks of it. The biggest lost from a team came from the Red team who lost 9.2kgs, great effort guys!

The scores for this week are below, taking into account weight loss scores:

                       Jolly Green Giants 8 – 9 Red Rockets

                             For Fat Sake 2 – 4 Blue Balls

                         The Men in Black 4 – 9 SpongeBob Yellow pants

Nice and tight at the top of the table now with only 4 more games to be played, Weight loss will be a big factor in altering the scores now as games are getting tighter. We saw one game this week overturned because of some awesome weight loss scores from the Reds! Their weight loss meant they turned a 3 goal defeat on the pitch into a 1 goal win off of it!! Awesome work Red Team!

Accelerating the weight loss – Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio is a method which is used to activate fat burning nice and early in the morning, before you have your first meal. The method works by exercising and elevating your heart rate into the fat burning zone (usually between 120 and 150) first thing when you wake up, taking advantage of the fat burning your body does naturally overnight and tapping into it before you get some food into your system, which your body will then burn as its primary source of fuel, rather than the fat. Getting your heart rate up is as easy as getting up and going for a brisk walk, heading to the gym first thing or even doing a little exercise circuit or some HIIT training. Whichever way you choose to do it, Fasted Cardio is a sure way of targeting the fat and adding to your weight loss.

As always, any questions do not hesitate to contact your captains or myself directly. Have a great week and I’ll see you all on Wednesday.

Coach Josh