Man v Fat Canning Week 11

Last 3 Weeks.

From our huge effort last week of 15+kgs, we only managed 3.3kgs this week… not our best effort but still maintaining a loss which is a positive! I understand it is late in the season and there are now Christmas/end of year events popping up which may be affecting the diets of a few of you, STAY STRONG. This is the time when you are going to be put to the test, and although I have no issues with some indulgence over the holiday period, bingeing is a very easy trap to fall into. Remember there are always healthy options available, especially if you are bringing a dish yourself :wink: .

The biggest loss of the week goes to Ben Chamberlain who lost 2.5kgs! A massive bounce back after gaining the first week back from his trip to Melbourne! Awesome stuff mate! Close behind him was Jamal who lost 2.4kgs, great work Jamal! Biggest loss from a team was White Lightning who collectively lost 3kgs, great work from one of the more consistent weight loss teams this season, terrific stuff gents!

Final scores factoring in weight loss and bonuses are as follows:

                     Super Bloopers 5 – 8 White Lightning

                       Men in Black 2 – 6 Big Reds

                           Gremlins 6 – 10 Fat Blondies

No weight loss turn arounds this week but some good scores being collected and some bigger totals being amassed due to a higher number of those filling out their booklets and getting some good numbers coming up on the scales because of it.

My Fitness Pal.

Even though the season is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean your goals and weight loss have to. If you haven’t already, I suggest downloading my fitness pal to be able to keep track of all the food you are putting into your body during the festive season so you can ensure you’re still hitting a caloric goal and not over-indulging in all of the sweet things that come up around this time of year. 2 of our players have been using it this season to great effect, one of whom who has only recently downloaded it and has since lost over 2kgs already, just in a few weeks of getting that caloric target right and focusing more on what he is putting in his body! If you need any help with the app or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will also accept my fitness pal diaries as filled out food diaries for bonus scores.

Have a great week and I will see you all on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Coach Josh