Man v fat Canning Week 12 Season 2

2 weeks to go, keep the momentum.

We hit back well from our poor effort on the scales last week, going from only 3.3 last week to 6.9kgs this week. Great effort to bounce back, let try to keep this form going and hit the last two weeks hard. We currently sit on 113.1kgs lost for the season, which in itself is a great effort. Let’s try to crack at least 125kgs to finish the season off, which means we would need to hit 2 consistent weeks of 6kgs, considering we have had consecutive weeks of 15+ this should be an easy task! Biggest loss of the week came from Matt Vuckovic, who lost a whopping 3.3kgs! Matt has been stepping up his training and utilising some meal replacement shakes in order to drop this weight which has seen him lose 7.6kgs just in the last month! He also was able to hit his 5% target this week, awesome effort Matt! Biggest loss for a team was the Super Bloopers with 4.4kgs lost, another week where the Bloopers have lost the most as a team, great consistency guys!

Scores taking into account weight loss are below:

                             Gremlins 3 – 4 White Lightning

                         Men in Black 1 – 8 Fat Blondies

                      Super Bloopers 12 – 4 Big Reds

Another turnaround for the Bloopers due to their weight loss score! They lost 4-2 on the pitch but smashed their weight loss for the week with 1 player hitting 5% weight loss and another hitting 10%!! Great effort guys, this is the third time this season they’ve turned around an on-field score. The Men in Black did very well to only hold the Fat Blondies to 4 on-field goals, one of their lowest all season! While Gremlins and White Lightning had a good game on the pitch, unfortunately Gremlins were having very little luck with the ricochet of the post, which was deflecting away from goals rather than into them, lots of shots on target for very little reward.

What’s your goal for the next two weeks?

With only two weeks left of the comp, try to set yourself a short term goal, what do YOU want to accomplish before the end of the year. With Chrissy around the corner, we all know what’s coming, lots of food and very little time to burn it off, so try to make these next two weeks of MvF count, whether it be a goal of cleaning up your diet, cutting something out, exercising more or just straight up weight loss, have something in mind and try to smash it over the next fortnight!

See you all next Wednesday!

Coach Josh