Man v fat Canning Week 14 S2

Amazing Finish!!

You’ve smashed it out of the park guys!! An awesome finish to an awesome season. Backing up last week’s effort of 11.4kgs with a massive 13.6kgs lost!! Was so good to see you were all still putting the effort in even in the last week of the competition, 25kgs across 2 weeks to put our total for the year at 138.1kgs is amazing. The most weight lost this week came from Matthew Vuckovic, who lost 4.5kgs!! Matt has been on a mean weight loss streak losing a total of 13kgs in the last 4 weeks after knuckling down on both his diet and training. Astounding effort considering he was plateauing in his weight loss after the mid-point of the season. Biggest loss from a team was the Super Bloopers again! Losing a total of 5.6kgs in their final week, Well done on the consistency this season Super Bloopers you guys have smashed it week in week out.

Updated scores taking into account weight loss penalties are below:

                       Men in Black 0 – 12 Gremlins

                    Super Bloopers 10 – 18 Fat Blondies

                    White Lightning 5 – 4 Big Reds

White Lightning caused the very last overturn via weight loss of the season. After losing the actual game 2-1, their good weight loss results caused a turnaround of 2 goals, causing them to win by 1 goal! Great work guys!!

Massive congratulations for the Fat Blondies who took out the competition this year with their skills on the pitch helping turn the tide, even when teams were clipping on their heels with their weight loss scores.

That’s a wrap…

138kgs is a massive effort, one of which you should all be proud to be a part of. While there were some amazing individual efforts, the community that has been created these last two seasons has been amazing to be a part of and has definitely created an environment in which we all enjoy coming each week and one which has allowed a lot of these amazing results to happen. Below are some of the great weight loss results that some of you worked hard for this season:

Matthew (Super Bloopers) – 14.1kgs

Nicholas (Super Bloopers) – 12.8kgs

Bruce Gibson (Big Reds) – 12.3kgs

Steve (White Lightning) – 10.6kgs

Shaun (Gremlins) – 6.5kgs

While that is the top 5, there were majority of you that finished just under that 6kg mark, which is a great result in itself, all the hard work you’ve all put in this season has paid great dividends, and for those who are still struggling or haven’t quite gotten it yet, don’t worry, it will come and we are all here to help you out with any questions you need answering.


I have been told that there will be an email survey going out sometime soon. If you could all take the time to provide feedback on the program that would be great, every little bit of feedback helps us make the program better for you all :slight_smile:

End of Jan Games

I have gotten around to most of you with this I believe, but in case you missed it, Nicole (who runs sport and rec at Cannington Leisureplex) has offered to book out the courts for us on the last two weeks of Jan. All are welcome to come down and have a kick around and play a couple of scratchies to warm up for the new season! It will be a $5 fee each and we can get the score boards out again if you wish and fit as many games as we can into the 2 hours we have the courts for. I will be sending an email out closer to the date and also putting it into the Cannington whatsapp group, so don’t leave it!

Finally, thank you all for another amazing season, it’s been great getting to help you all out again. Wishing you all a great Christmas period and a happy new year and I’ll be looking forward to doing it all again in February :smile:

Coach Josh